Welcome! I'm Emma, a relationship

& sexuality coach.


I help people create deeply satisfying sex lives, connect to their authentic sexual expression and expand their capacity for connection and pleasure. 

Before I share more about myself, let’s talk about why you might be here; whether you are single or in a relationship…


  • You want to feel sexual desire.  You no longer want to feel that there is something wrong with you.  Or guilty that you hardly ever feel like sex and that you disappoint your partner.

  • You want to overcome performance anxiety and have the confidence that you sexually satisfy a partner.

  • You want to know that you can experience deeply pleasurable sex, whether or not you have an erection.

  • You want to be able to enjoy sex with your partner, without any discomfort or pain.

  • You want to be the version of yourself that feels confident and is able to ask for what you need, like and desire - both inside and outside of the bedroom. You are tired of feeling held back in saying what you feel, you are ready to create the safety within so you can be courageously vulnerable. 

  • You want to create a wildly intimate relationship built on the foundations of trust, safety, and communication that lets you both know you are on the same team.

  • You want to create the kind of emotional, relational and sexual intimacy that you fills you both up, that acts as part of the glue that keeps you together, that is connected, deeply satisfying and has you both proclaiming ‘why aren’t we doing this ALL THE TIME!’

You are here because you may be at a point in your relationship or dating life where you feel like giving up, lost in how to overcome a block to intimacy and pleasure, or you are at the stage where you’ve tried therapy, pills or self help books and podcasts and it’s still not got you to where you want to be. You may have even got to the stage where you are contemplating separation or divorce. 


I am here to support you. 

About Emma


Over the past decade I have been on a deep sexual healing and empowerment journey. From sexual healing retreats around the world, to talk therapy, to yoga, to weekly movement mediation classes to studying a 600+ hour professional coaching certification in the VITA approach (Vital Integrated Tantric Approach) via Layla Martin. 


Prior to becoming a certified Love, Relationship & Sexuality Coach, I was the Founding CEO of an international award winning charity for children and adults impacted by parental substance misuse. 

My Journey of Transformation

I immersed myself in the field of sexuality and body based healing because I felt so cut off from my sexuality. Sex felt difficult, complicated and I was filled with shame and guilt. I felt disconnected from my body and that something was wrong with me because.  I didn’t feel any desire, found it difficult to orgasm and pleasure was not in my daily vocabularly.


I have danced both literally and metaphorically to find my ways of overcoming anxiety in relationship, shame and discomfort around sex, and lask of trust in myself and others. Little did I know that the deep yearning to find out what more was possible in sex was actually a calling to come home to myself and heal layers of childhood trauma held in my body and mind.  


My sexual empowerment journey has been vital to feeling a sense of wholeness. I have tasted true sexual ecstasy, and my erotic liberation has given me the gift of a deep connection to my sexual energy and turn on. I know that pleasure lives inside of ME. That I am the source of my pleasure. I feel at home in my body and this has given me clarity in exactly what I want in a relationship, what truly brings me pleasure, and the ability to fully receive and surrender in sex. 


I am in absolute awe at just how intelligent and wise my body is, and our bodies are. Our bodies are communicating with us if we slow down enough to listen.   

It’s my mission to support you to awaken to your true erotic fufilment. To connect to a felt sense of safety, so that you can journey inwards and expand your capacity to experience heightened states of pleasure and deeper ways of connecting in a relationship.


 Embrace and rewire thoughts and beliefs that are blocking you in pleasure and intimacy 

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Body awareness, connection and nervous system regulation

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Identify and release tension patterns and rewire for pleasure

Here are some of the results my clients have had: 

  • Men have felt they no longer feel stressed and finally overcome the anxiety they feel about their performance and ability to please their partner. 


  • Men have developed a deep seated confidence that they can please their partner despite being able to have an er-ction or not.


  • After months or years men have found their sexual spark again that they had lost. They have found their desire for sex, their sexual turn on and excitement around s-x.  


  • After years of sexless marriage clients have been able to overcome the huge barriers to reestablishing their sexual bond. They have got to a place of enjoying sex and being able to ask for what they need and desire sexually without feeling they might offend their partner.

  • After years of being single they have overcome blocks to intimacy that was preventing them from being open to a loving and supportive partner and entered into a new relationship with the vision to be in a long term relationship. 


  • After years of feeling disconnected from their sexual turn on they have opened up the doors to their self respect, confidence, power and felt desire for sex that they thought had been lost.

My method combines my 10+ years of experience in the fields of sexuality, neo-tantra, somatic healing, the movement arts, and sex coach certification.


What you can expect - An approach that includes all of you, is trauma informed, uses tools that are backed by modern neuro-biology, anatomy, science and holistic coaching. By addressing all three levels of your mind, body and energy, we don’t just talk through the issues, we bring about deep, long-lasting change by feeling through your body. 

Client Love 

I’ve worked with a few coaches and I found Emma to be elite. She combines high energy, empathy and expertise to come up with a tailored, holistic approach to what you’re working on and is so, so supportive. Her knowledge is impressive and is only trumped by her application of it to your individual situation. Well worth the investment, I’d work with her again and would recommend others do so also.



'I reached out to Emma to find out more about me and where I was at from the sexuality side of things. To start a journey of something new and something different to what I’d experienced in my 30 years of marriage. I have always had a good connection with women but now it’s a whole different connection. On an emotional level, I am there. Had I known what I know now at the beginning of my marriage it would have been a different type of marriage and would have changed the dynamics. Sexuality work  supports you to feel more relaxed, be a better lover, understand and connect better with women.'


S. B

I contacted Emma for help dealing with a sexless marriage and attachment-threatening traumatic events with my wife and my parents. I was amazed from the very first session — suddenly what seemed like an impossible situation no longer seemed insurmountable and I had a renewed hope. From the very beginning when there were potential barriers to starting the programme and then throughout the sessions; she was very respectful, listened and adapted her approaches based on feedback of what worked and what didn't work for me. She did an amazing job helping and supporting me to be true to myself and my values. The balance between what I call the tactical and strategic was perfect — that is helping me deal with the challenges in front of me in a given week as well as a longer-term view for sustainable self improvement. She helped me to focus on myself and how I can satisfy my own needs. She introduced me to a number of new areas to explore and continue my personal journey. It was such a pleasure to work with Emma and her positivity is contagious. It was great to have someone in 'my corner' and I can't thank her enough for all of her help this year.