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Ecstasy is Necessary

Masterclass Series

Orgasms and pleasure can change your life?

Yes absolutely

This is a masterclass series for men and women who are ready to expand their pleasure potential and learn about orgasm and pleasure in a whole new way. 

Do you want to:


✅Connect to your body in ways that nourish you and/or your partner deeply 

✅Increase your levels of joy & pleasure & fill up your love banks

✅Experience paradigm mind shifts in how you experience your and/or your partners sexuality

✅Expand your capacity to feel every delicious sensation of pleasure throughout your genitals and your whole body

✅Feel more connected to your authentic self, more confident & more powerful

Pleasure is the way we take things into our own hands, quite literally (or from someone else’s hands)!!


Pleasure is how we shift out of survival mode


We need this shift in our bodies. We need to balance out the levels of stress we have been experiencing.


What better way to feel good and give yourself a boost at the beginning of 2021 than being totally and utterly inspired by some incredible sexuality coaches who deeply embody pleasure.


In this Masterclass Series we are talking about deep, life changing orgasms. Heart orgasms, full body orgasms for men and women, healing our nervous systems with sexual energy, tools and techniques so that you can begin to deepen your solo and/or partnered exploration of your orgasmic pleasure potential. 


Make feeling good inside a priority for you and your partner. Imagine how energising and exciting it will be to join a whole group of men and women from all over the globe who are ready to learn more about female and male orgasm in ways we have just not been taught and do not know about.


This is what we need, a space where we can learn together about the male and female body and what our incredible bodies are capable of.


Get very excited because you will be getting access to teachings and wisdom that is usually just shared in single sex groups.


Expand your pleasure potential and just know that when you bring more pleasure into your body, and you are able to lead your partner into more pleasure, this creates a powerful ripple effect into other areas of your life.


Let us not see pleasure as an extra add on that we get to feel eventually after we have achieved everything we need to do. Because let’s face there is always something to do.


Pleasure is how we heal

Pleasure is how we get to feel powerful within

We deserve to feel good


And you know what…there was a time when I was completely cut off from my sexuality and it was only until I started to surround myself with people who deeply embodied pleasure and knew how to get there that I was able to see what is truly possible.


When we see what is possible this is like the 4 minute mile effect. Once we know someone was able to run a mile in 4 mins, then others were able to do it too.


Once you see what is possible in your sexuality and your sexual relationships then you open up a whole new world.


A world of pleasure from the subtle to the ecstatic is possible for you too!

This is for you if you are ready to

1. Up-level your self lover-ship


2. Totally expand and up-level in how you and your partner experience sexual intimacy

3. Take radical self-responsibility for your pleasure

Dates & Times

Tuesday 2nd 7pm UK - Amanda (sexual energy for healing the nervous system) & Tyson (mens full body orgasm demo)


Tuesday 9th 11am UK - Hilary (the art of squirting) & Sasha (heart orgasms)


Tuesday 16th 7pm UK - Erika (paradigm shift for men's orgasms) & Marina (emotional orgasms with different emotions such as anger or sadness)


Tuesday 23rd 7pm UK - Bee (energetic orgasms with power of the mind) & Mirjam (Men's full body orgasms)


Thursday 25th 7pm UK **BONUS call**- Marianna - Cervical orgasms

Timezones ​

7pm UK time/8pm CEST/2pm EST/11am PST/12pm MST


11m UK time/12 midday CEST/6am EST/3am PST/4am MST (this morning session is more for Europeans so this will be available by replay. And you really don’t want to miss this one!!!)


This series contains 5 recorded 90 minute Zoom webinar sessions (you are not seen on camera and can submit anonymous questions) plus loads of bonus content. There will be time for Q&A in every session. ​​


We all want as many of you there live with us so we can share in all the inspirational and juicy energy! We want to connect with you live! But don't worry if you cannot attend live. You'll get all the recordings 24 hours after the live sessions.



£37 early bird before Feb 24th (early bird tickets are limited)

£67 after


This series is valued at £335!! I am choosing to make this as accessible as possible because this is an offering from my heart to spread joy and pleasure! Each teacher is also generously offering their teachings for free.


So you really want to grab this opportunity to spend time with us all!

It's usually a significant investment to work with us coaches 1:1 or in group programmes!!

Meet your host & teachers


  • Penis Love 38 min guided audio practice for men

  • Embracing the orgasmic self guided audio practice for women

  • More to follow!

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Copy of Emma Spiegler Masterclass Series


Q: I can't make the live calls, will they be recorded? 

Yes calls are recorded. You'll get the recording 24 hours after the session. 

Q: Who is this workshop for?


Cis men and cis women.

Q: Is this event for all genders and orientations?

This series is open to men and women and will be best suited for those who are heterosexually orientated.

My lived experience as a cis mainly heterosexual woman means that as your host, I want to honour the limitations based on my personal and professional experiences. I support the LGBTQIA+ community and care about people getting the education and teachings from people who are most qualified to hold and lead these teaching/coaching spaces.


It’s important when we are working with people that we can feel they have lived and embody the experiences that we are healing and working through ourselves.


LGBTQIA+ sex coaches /sex educators / therapists are:

Q: I have a specific question, how can I ask it?

You can email (give us 3 business days to respond, please). If you attend the course live, you'll get to ask your questions anonymously through the Q&A option or in the chat box which our attendees can see and we'll fold them into the course if we can. 


Q: I can't afford it; can I attend?

Yes we have free 10 spots. If you have been impacted by this global pandemic or are experiencing financial hardship email me coaching@emmaspiegler.comor DM me on FB/Insta and I’ll send you a link to join us.


Q: I have another question, can I contact you?


Sure, send me email and I will be thrilled to answer you. 


Ready to be inspired and receive some potent transmissions and wisdom from 10 highly trained certified sexuality & relationship coaches?