Marriage & Relationship Intimacy Masterclass Series


This series contains 4 recorded 90 minute Zoom webinar sessions (you are not seen on camera and can submit anonymous questions) plus loads of bonus content. There will be time for Q&A in every session. ​

✅ Lots of new tools and practices to try out that will deepen your relationship & connection 

✅Increased sexual chemistry & sexual currency to fill up your love banks

✅New, fun and creative ways to experience intimacy together

✅ New aha moments, and ways to ignite desire between you both 

✅Communicate better, argue better and make up better

There is no doubt about it, when sex and intimacy lessens in marriages and relationships it can bring up all sorts of painful feelings and have a ripple effect spreading out into other areas of the couples lives. 


First things first we can be compassionate with ourselves in knowing that we received next to zero education on how to cultivate connected sexually intimate relationships. We didn’t get the ultimate lover’s guide to our partners body, mind & soul. 


In this series you will learn the common issues couples are facing and take away practical, emotional and educational practices, ways to have conversations, and ways to connect that will support your marriage and relationship. 


We want you to have the simple and effective tools that will bring you back into connection with each other. It is possible with the right guidance to overcome what can seem like insurmountable barriers. 


Sign up below to get this guidance from 9 highly trained certified sexuality & relationship coaches. 


➡️ couples who keep arguing and going round in circles about the same things (on the surface it may seem likes it's about the dishes, or who isn't pulling their weight in the relationship, or who didn't plan the holiday when they said they would, but deep down at the core the intimate connection is suffering and needs addressing)

➡️ couples who have been through a stressful event, series of events, family issues, work issues, mental health issues and need some expert guidance to support them to close the gap they are now experiencing in lack of touch, affection, connection and sexual intimacy

➡️ couples who are experiencing issues with one or more partners who have closed down to the idea of sharing sexual intimacy because they do not feel desire anymore 

➡️ couples where a partner is noticing that they cannot get erections even if they are feeling aroused

➡️ couples where the partner feels that they want to have sexual intimacy but feel unable to because of a physical or emotional issue that is blocking them and would like some support with this

➡️ couples who are curious about how to improve their sex lives and increase their levels of connection and pleasure 

➡️ couples who feel stuck in a rut with routine and habits that leaves little space for excitement and pleasure in their relationship


Tuesday 17th November 

Tuesday 24th November 

Tuesday 1st December 

Tuesday 8th December 

*These are the NEW correct times after clock changes in the UK/Amercia*


7pm UK time/8pm CEST/2pm EST/11am PST/12pm MST


£47 (for individual or couple) before November 8th and £67 after.

Don't worry - no need to attend live. You'll get all the recordings 24 hours after the live sessions.



  • 20% discount to a 5 week couples online course 

  • 31 non sexual behaviours guided PDF with guided audio 

  • Two 1hr couples guide to a healing penis and vulva massage with a professionally filmed demonstration and guidance throughout 

  • And so much more !!! 


Q: I can't make the live calls, will they be recorded? 

Yes calls are recorded. You'll get the recording 24 hours after the session. 

Q: Who is this workshop for?


Couples in marriage and relationships that are struggling with sexual intimacy and would like to learn how to reconnect and build sexual currency. 

Q: I have a specific question, how can I ask it?

You can email (give us 3 business days to respond, please). If you attend the course live, you'll get to ask your questions anonymously through the Q&A option or in the chat box which our attendees can see and we'll fold them into the course if we can. 


Q: I can't afford it; can I attend?

Yes. If you have been impacted by this global pandemic or are experiencing financial hardship, we wouldn’t want you not to attend. Email us for a link to sign up to the event at


Q: I have another question, can I contact you?


Sure, send Emma an email  and she'll be thrilled to answer you. 


Ready to create some much needed re connection

in your marriage & relationship?



Emma Spiegler


©2020 Emma Spiegler. 

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