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Hello Anger - 3 Ways to allow Anger out through our body

Hello Anger

Anger gets such a bad reputation doesn’t it?

If anger was a person who walked into a room, I am pretty sure quite a few people would walk straight out of the room.

Anger seems to be on the list of ‘no go’ emotions that we have been conditioned from an early age not to express. Or more to the point, we haven’t exactly been shown how to allow anger to come up and then express it safely and effectively.

So what happens when we get the subtle or not so subtle messages that anger is an undesirable emotion to have and express?

We hide this part of ourselves, we repress it downwards, and we keep it locked up inside of ourselves.

Anger can serve a purpose.

Anger that rises up lets us know that our boundaries have been crossed in some way. That an injustice has occurred or someone we love has been taken advantage of. Anger is a sign and a form of communication to take action, to make a change.

Anger can be a catalyst and a great fuel for transformation.

Imagine a world where we are taught at school how to express strong emotions in healthy ways.

Imagine if we allowed these strong emotions to arise and be expressed through movement.

Children do this so naturally. Like when a child stomps their feet and fist punches downwards after their toy has been taken away.

Imagine if we shook of the strong physical sensations that come up such as anger, allowing our nervous systems to reset and come back into a state of harmony.

I am basically talking to myself here. And hopefully a few other people too!

It’s a gradual process of unlearning the strong patterns of keeping our strong emotions inside. And remembering and relearning how to naturally move emotions.

It can take time to build up the muscle of being able to release through the body if we have spent years keeping still.

We can practice these types of release techniques that I share in this blog’s video on Anger when we are feeling OK. Then eventually over time we may begin to use them exactly when we need to, in the moment or just after a moment of experiencing an intense emotion such as anger.

I’d love to hear if your experiences of trying out these practices. Hit reply below to share your thoughts. Email me at

With love,


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