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Activating your turn-on

How this happens might not look like you think it 'should'.

When it comes to getting in touch with our sensual and sexual energy as women, we put so much pressure on ourselves, for it to look like something we have seen before, more than likely on the screens.

We feel that within a couple of minutes, we should be feeling turned on, aroused and sexual. Just like the women on-screen.

But what if your sexual energy is slower to arouse, is more mind-based, more all over your body, as well as your genitals and involves you creating the right internal ecology, for you to feel more at ease, to open to pleasure?

What if there is such a MASSIVE gap in our sex education, which we have taken from the screens, that we can go back a few steps and discover what turns us on in new ways?

Does this excite you?

Is there a gentle nudge or spark of interest, that arises when you think about setting some time aside, to connect with yourself?

To connect with and learn more about, what supports you, to activate your turn on?

Want to activate your turn on, but don't know where to begin?

Have you ever tried a guided meditation practice before, to support you, to explore your sensuality and sexuality?

I have created a very special guided-audio for women:

Embracing the Orgasmic Self

There are 4 parts to this 28 minute practice:

- Relaxing the body

- Gentle Breathing

- Connecting with your whole pelvic area, womb/cervix (or energy of womb/cervix) and vulva

- Grounding your sexual/sensual energy

This practice takes you on a musical journey, including Theta brain wave music, to support you to enter into deeper mind/body states, of ease and relaxation.

If you want to activate your turn on, try out something new, and discover the power of your mind then THIS IS THE PRACTICE FOR YOU!

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