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Am I wanted

I recently stayed in Greece for a month with an incredible community of women. What came up for me halfway into the workation was this deep visceral feeling of not being wanted. A feeling that I was an irritating presence. I knew this was an old feeling from the past. Firstly what helped was the ability to recognise it was an old feeling from the past. Then secondly what helped was having the courage to share the deep feelings of shame and rejection at the kitchen table with 11 women. Thirdly the healing then happened when I saw all 11 women’s faces looking back at me, listening, witnessing my tears, and letting me know I’m deeply loved. It’s so important to: 💜 Recognise feelings from the past 💜 Give the feelings a name - such as this is shame 💜 Share how we are feeling 💜 Be open to hearing and receiving love and support and a a different version of reality to what our past tells us is true P.s I use powerful and deeply effective coaching tools to support you to explore how you might still be unconsciously holding old beliefs about who your are in relation to others. If this type of work interests you and you feel ready for long lasting transformation then contact me here!

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