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Being schooled and shamed out of our freedom of expression

I have been coaching an amazing women over the last 3 months. We have been doing some inner child work together and together we came up with an insight that I am pretty sure a lot of us will be able to relate too. So I thought I would share my thoughts here. Do you ever remember being told as a child to; - STOP fidgeting - STOP laughing, singing or using your voice in general in public spaces - Sit still at the table - Sit still at school - sit still, sit still (you get my point here) - Wait in line - Make sure you colour within the lines Last year I saw two young girls around the age of 10 years old. The first girl I saw was in spring, I was out walking in a park and she was out running to catch her brother. She was running so freely, there was so much movement and life force in her, she was flapping her arms all over the place, she was really using her breath with fast, full and free breathing, and she was sounding with so much excitement in her voice. It was inspiring to watch her be so free in all her expression, body, breathe and sound. Then in winter I saw another young girl again aged around 10 year old. She was also running towards her brother. She was also free in her movement, her breathe and her voice. Her parents were self conscious of their daughters freedom of expression - they looked around and noticed me. They said out loud 'she's a bit excited isn't she'. There was a sense of shame that their daughter was so expressive. The insights we came up with in the coaching session were that we are schooled out of our fidgeting but so much or our inner expression or even our inner child shows up through movement and sounding. It's my mission to constantly be inspired and look out for inspiration from children. To unlearn all the conditioning, all the restrictions, all the shaming around freedom of expression.

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