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Building Trust with our bodies

When we really listen to our bodies cues we begin a process of building trust with our bodies and ourselves. What is amazing about our bodies is that our main 3 brains our head, heart and gut are in constant communication with us. Signalling to us in the form of sensations. Butterflies in the stomach A dull ache or heaviness in the heart An unsettled bubbling feeling in the gut Our bodies can give us warning signs loud and clear that something feels off to us. That we may be about to engage with someone in a way that feels hurtful to us. In a way that threatens the meeting of our basic core relational needs. That we are about to do something which isn't in alignment with our core values. What I have learned is this building of trust has had to be an intentional, conscious process. Because in the past it was a habit to over ride these sensations. Maybe I would over ride my sensations of mistrust of a certain situation or person because subconsciously I was wanting to repeat familiar patterns of feeling unsafe. There was a sense of safety in the familiar - which was feeling unsafe. There is a real gift in becoming aware of this pattern of seeking safety in the familiar. AND then choosing to not self abandon. Choosing to honour and self validate the warning signs. Choosing to listen to the signals to come back into a loving relationship with myself and to respond to what my body is signalling to me with care and attention.

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