Men Hearts, Minds and Bodies

It's Men's International Day today. I am celebrating men's love, understanding, care, protection, compassion, empathy, thoughtfulness, respect, intuition, determination, desire to connect, inspiration, willingness to face their shadows, analogies, laughter, playfulness, and expression of their desire and sexual selves. One thing that has been showing up around me, is coming across men who I am either working with, or in life generally, who are incredibly isolated. The isolation significantly impacts their mental health. We are tribal and social beings. I know for sure that belonging to a sisterhood has changed my life exponentially these last 3 years. We need each other. Men need other men. I am seeing pockets of groups being set up by incredible men across the Globe including: - The Unmasked Man Project (Alex Alexander Cottle) - The Chronically Undertouched Project (Aaron Johnson) - Mankind Project (Global initiation into Manhood) - Understand Men (Alison Armstrong) - Embrace the Vulnerability (Body Confidence/Jack Richardson) - My Fathers Barbers (Barber shop where men go to heal) - Warrior Embodiment (Sharif H Joynson) - CALM (Support/Helpline for Men - Campaign Against Living Miserably) I recently spoke to a man who had been feeling suicidal and had not reached out to anyone to share how he was feeling. It is my hope that more and more there will be community focused spaces and cultural narrative shifts that make it easier and easier for men to feel like they can reach out, talk about how they are feeling, feel safe to share and find the most appropriate support for them. Any other spaces or organisations that you would want men to know about? Please share in the comment below.

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