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Pleasure isn’t a total paradigm shifter

I’m celebrating my first Sexuality Talk - Become the master of your own pleasure, I did last week at The House of Togetherness in Covent Garden, London. I spoke about the power of Self Sourcing. When we turn towards ourselves as a source of pleasure we can feel empowered. If we think of the times we feel when we didn’t get asked out on a 2nd date (they have the pleasure we want to feel), or we said yes to do something we didn’t really want to do in people pleasing mode (pleasing others instead of ourselves). Or we look at social media and think they have all got it better than me - the classic ‘compare and despair’ (they have the pleasure we want to feel). We can fill up from the inside. We can be the source of our pleasure. We can shift our body chemistry from releasing stress chemicals like cortisol to feel good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. Pleasure is a total paradigm shifter. It’s a shift away from the damaging concept of ‘work hard, play hard’ which as we know is leading to burnout for so many. Pleasure supports our well being. When it comes to self pleasure there are 3 different ways we can pleasure ourselves. Self pleasure doesn’t only have to be s*xual touch. 1. Self soothing touch 2. Sensual touch 3. S*xual touch Are there ways you see that becoming the source of your own pleasure would support you in your life right now? I’m really curious to hear your thoughts ❤️

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