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Spikey Suit

I was recently feeling anxious. And I was reminded by my sister to check in with my inner child and see what was going on for her. I was going to a best friend's wedding and an old fear was re surfacing. The old fear was associated from events I had been to in the past as a child and teenager when I didn't feel welcomed by people. It was a fear of the unknown. A fear of whether I would be welcomed by people. So I checked in with my inner child and I asked her for what she needed. She wanted a spikey suit. A suite with spikes that would give her ultimate protection from any 'baddies'. So of course - I gave her a Spikey Suit. We held hands. I told her she was safe with me no matter what. What supports you to feel safe and loved when anxiety of fear comes up? Please do share - I'd love to hear. ⬇️p.s if you haven't already - check out my E-Book ⬇️ Body Wisdom; Finding safety, trust and pleasure after a challenging childhood. Here is the link to your free copy.

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