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Stay close to the earth

These are the words that came to me this week as I was waking up. Stay connected to the ground. To the Earth. To my body. When I stand on the Earth with bare feet my body relaxes. First I feel my jaw soften. The habitual tightness releases. And it’s not until I stand on the Earth in stillness that I get to see I was holding on, tensing my jaw. A couple of minutes later my stomach and pelvis area releases. I breath deeper, more full belly breaths. It’s then I realise have I been breathing as fully as I could all day? For me staying close to the Earth is a way to ground. Ground into my body. And grounding into the present moment. In a fast paced world tension and stress becomes such a habitual and normalised way of being that we sometimes can’t even see how much tension we are holding. Some practices this week that have really helped me to allow tension to lessen and emotions to flow through me are: Standing on the Earth Shaking and crying Taking full breaths for a couple of moments Talking to friends and family What practices do you have to support you through daily life? P.s My free E book Body Wisdom; finding safety, trust and pleasure after a challenging childhood supports you to connect with your mind and body in a meaningful way that can positively interrupt habitual patterns of holding tension in the body. Link below to download your copy! 💜

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