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Supporting our inner child over the festive season

For those of us who may need some extra self care over the festive season, here is one way we can provide this for ourselves.  

Our inner child

I can feel my body collapsing slightly at the moment. Like my body is communicating to me it wants to collapse in protection mode.

My mind knows everything is OK.

My body remembers the past and tells a different story.

Our bodies remember.

I am reaching out to my inner child to let her know that the 'bad' times at Christmas from the past - are from the PAST.

They are no longer happening now.

For those of us who grew up experiencing chaos, arguments, and anxiety about how shitty Xmas would be with family.

We can support ourselves by being aware of any shifts in mood or changes in how we feel in our bodies.

We can ask our ourselves, is this a ghost from the past?

If it is a yes, we can connect with our inner child and let them know we are here with them for the next couple of weeks.

We can let them know an adult is present.

Our inner adult is here to take care of us.

We can ask what do you need right now?

Do you need some time alone?

A mini walk and fresh air for 5 mins?

A self hug or self soothing strokes ?

To watch something funny on Netflix?

To ask someone we trust for a cuddle and/or a chat?

P.S I have been seeing some real shifts happening with my coaching clients who are really diving deep into inner child work with me! If this is something you are interested in exploring - let me know and we can have a chat about inner child work and coaching.

What does your inner child need to hear? (Artist of image - Nicolas Duffaut)

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