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The Pleasure Gatekeeper

Who is standing outside of the gates of your pleasure? Is there a gatekeeper standing there with a whole list of why not to self pleasure? What does the voice of the gatekeeper say? Too tired Not enough time Waste of time Would rather do other things Haven't got the energy for that Isn't really my thing to self pleasure Is there a level deeper? Is there a deeper truth to why we wouldn't have want to bring self sexual pleasure into our lives? Maybe there isn't a deeper level...maybe it isn't important or up there on the list or priorities. And what about for those of us who are purposefully wanting to explore our relationship to our sexuality and pleasure. What are the deeper stories we are carrying that we may want to bring awareness to and even let go of? What do we gain when we introduce or come back to self pleasuring? If you feel like sharing a thought - I'd love to hear.

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