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Our bodies as a vessel. Over the years our body gets filled up with so many ideas, beliefs, and narratives about who we are as people, how worthy we are of being loved, our relationship to our bodies and sexuality, and our relationship to others. It's not just in our minds. It's stored in our bodies. When we come to realise our body as a vessel that is housing these beliefs, in all the nooks and crannies of our bodies we can then go about releasing some of these stories. Slowly we can do the work of; Letting go. Shredding. Releasing. Stomping out into the ground. Sounding out with our voices. Moving our bodies, allowing the movement to take over intuitively. This is the work of embodiment. After years of being in talk therapy I have come to realise the vital importance of embodiment work. I can talk about releasing and letting go of stories about myself and memories. AND I can move those stories out through my body. It is a slow and gradual process. And it is SO worth it. It's a real gift to turn something we conceptually understand into an embodied knowing. This makes it feel so much more real rather than just a concept that is floating around in the space of our minds. From this place of letting go of what no longer feels true to us we can then go about filling up the empty spaces of what once was there with new stories about who we are, about our bodies and sexuality, and who we are in relation to others.

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