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Welcome and what I do as a love, relationship & sexuality coach

I work from a trauma informed perspective that includes the science of the nervous system and addresses the deep-rooted core beliefs and survival strategies we take on as children or at certain points in our adulthood that have become outdated. These are the beliefs that affect the way we love or don’t love ourselves, the types of dynamics we create or re-create in relationships and how we experience our sexuality and pleasure (or lack of pleasure) in life. Prior to becoming a coach I founded and was the CEO of an award winning charity for 10 years that supported people impacted by a loved one's substance misuse to drugs and alcohol. Some of the key underlying principles in my coaching are; - Deep transformation happens when we include our bodies - Self soothing and cultivating an internal sense of safety and trust supports us to move out of survival mode AND access deeper levels of pleasure - We can learn to balance out painful experiences with pleasure in all its different forms. We are wired to focus on the negative - it's an innate survival strategy. We can give ourselves permission to feel good and redirect our focus. At the same of course, it's important to give space, time and attention to the parts of of us in pain, fear, anger, sadness, and that are feeling stuck. Ready for deep transformation that includes your mind AND body and interested in working with me? I offer free 1hr initial calls - Contact me for more details.

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