I’ve finished a year of coaching with this awesome human... Emma Spiegler; since starting my journey into various different therapies of personal healing & growth, 20 years ago, Emma’s work, support & practices have been THE most transformative, because she incorporates the mind AND the body, tailoring her work specifically to each person. This work, combined with all the psychology work I’ve done, has consolidated much healing and this year has been one of the best experiences I have had with a coach so far! I can recommend her highly for anyone who’s experienced traumatic lives and now wishes to thrive. Z


I’ve worked with a few coaches and I found Emma to be elite. She combines high energy, empathy and expertise to come up with a tailored, holistic approach to what you’re working on and is so, so supportive. Her knowledge is impressive and is only trumped by her application of it to your individual situation. Well worth the investment, I’d work with her again and would recommend others do so also. A.M

Emma is just the best. So present and supportive to my needs. She really quickly gained my trust and created a safe space. Emma was there every step of the way and even when I was being my own worst enemy and playing victim. She helped me step out of it and keep moving forward. Bringing her calm, nurturing nature as well as needed excitement during sensitive and tough topics and experiences at each step along the way made it all worth it. Sometimes someone can see your strengths before you can and Emma was born to be a coach. Providing me with copious amounts of detailed notes of each session meant I could so easily review what I had done. It's so good having Emma in your corner wanting the best for you. X  - Z.G


I contacted Emma for help dealing with a sexless marriage and attachment-threatening traumatic events with my wife and my parents. I was amazed from the very first session — suddenly what seemed like an impossible situation no longer seemed insurmountable and I had a renewed hope. And the detailed notes and follow up support was way beyond what I expected. Emma is very adaptable. From the very beginning when there were potential barriers to starting the programme and then throughout the sessions; she was very respectful, listened and adapted her approaches based on feedback of what worked and what didn't work for me. She did an amazing job helping and supporting me to be true to myself and my values. The balance between what I call the tactical and strategic was perfect — that is helping me deal with the challenges in front of me in a given week as well as a longer-term view for sustainable self improvement. She helped me to focus on myself and how I can satisfy my own needs. She introduced me to a number of new areas to explore and continue my personal journey. It was such a pleasure to work with Emma and her positivity is contagious. It was great to have someone in 'my corner' and I can't thank her enough for all of her help this year. G



I contacted Emma because I kept encountering the same problems relationship after relationship. I needed to break the cycle.

From the first discovery session, I felt very comfortable in her presence and I knew that I wanted to work with her. Emma is honest, charming and funny; our 90 minute sessions flew by, there was never a moment I felt I couldn’t open up to Emma, it felt so natural to do so.

With Emma, I have addressed the relationship issues that kept reoccurring; I have also learned so much more about myself. This includes what I offer in a relationship, the values I seek in a partner, and the non-negotiable qualities I want in a partner. Our sessions made it clear to me the woman I want to be with; the sessions also gave me the confidence to say no in order to be happy. Our time together improved me as a person and opened me emotionally. Emma has improved my self-esteem and I now know how to be committed and belong to a relationship. Not only did Emma help improve my relationships, but the benefits provided have also spread into many other aspects of my life. There were things in life I wanted, but could never see myself achieving. However with Emma’s guidance not only can I visualise them happening, I know my journey to achieving them has begun. Emma, I am truly grateful for what you have done for me, I am so glad to have met you. You are a fantastic coach and an amazing role model. You exceeded my expectations and I hope you continue to touch other lives the way you have touched mine x R.V


Working with Emma has been such a magical journey for me and it was exactly what I needed to do for years. Although I never knew how to start making a change or which direction to take, or worse, just accept that things would remain as they are and just get on with it. Until I met Emma. She supported me to connect with myself from a safe and trusting place that never felt embarrassing or awkward. Emma has helped me to open up and wake up. I have felt so uplifted and inspired since we have been working together. She has been my catalyst, my navigator, my teacher, steering me in the direction I was searching for. I have gained self respect, confidence and power in myself since working with Emma. She is herself powerful, connected and grounded in the work that she does and yet she remains professional with a honest and humbling approach. I thank you Emma for ‘turning on the light’ for me. It has been my pleasure and I am truly blessed to have you coach me. N


Hey Emma, Practices received and thanks for yesterday’s session. You’re already making this whole journey of self discovery (if that doesn’t sound to clichéd) a lot easier, less awkward and more pleasurable, (not an intentional pun) than I was anticipating. Especially given how far out of my comfort zone I would normally describe this. L


I’m sincerely relieved, grateful and hopeful with the new realisation that I can learn to love myself more and therefore others as a result of learning to re parent myself! It’s a totally new perspective, paradigm shift even! I’m a bit wowed by the abundance of new meaning but I realise it’s consistent application that’s key. What am I capable of doing when I begin to love myself fully…!!! Mind boggling magic…intimate possibilities. S


Emma coached me through some really rough spots where I just felt stuck and afraid of moving forward in a certain area of my life at the time. Not only did Emma have an amazing ability to listen in closely to me and hone in on what it was that might be blocking me, she was very adept in guiding me through it all in a way where at the other end I felt loved and cared for and also very powerful – which was exactly what I needed. Emma created for me a personalised practice along with a meditation that I still listen to many many months later. It’s there when I need it and it still helps me even today. I’m very grateful for the gift Emma has in guiding and holding people through the rough spots. She herself is a true gift to the world. A.B


I decided to work with Emma as a coach because she specialised in working with individuals whose lives had been affected by childhood adversity. There had been a lot of alcohol use in my family when I was child that resulted in emotional co-dependency and pain for me that was extending into my adult life and affecting particularly my relationship and career. I felt held back in these parts of my life, like I was re-creating disempowering ways of communicating in my relationship and giving too much power to my parents in who I was choosing to be in the world. The work I did with Emma was truly phenomenal. She helped me in ending these disempowering family dynamics - which felt scary because I was changing a lifetime worth of relating - by integrating wounded parts of my psyche from childhood and by finding my own source of truth and power within. My relationships with my family have shifted to become much more harmonious and 'adult' like. I feel free to be who I am without worrying that I am hurting my family, while being able to love them AND be true to myself. I don’t feel disempowered in my parental relationships anymore, I feel strong and self-assured. I am able to consciously create the healthy dynamics and communication I desire and check those old family habits at the door. In terms of my career, this work has allowed me to soar and fully express myself creatively without constantly worrying if I am doing the right thing my family would approve of. This has been life changing and doing this work has been some of the most integral and transformational work of my life. I am deeply grateful to Emma and the wisdom and insight she offers through her work. It is so unique and her years of experience and expertise in this field have shifted the direction of my life forever. Thank you. K.T


Emma’s honest and welcoming approach to coaching is a game-changer. I knew reading her beautifully vulnerable bio I wanted to work with her. I deeply desired a female coach who could relate to my chaotic upbringing and family addictions - someone who I felt safe with, who challenges taboos but also someone I could have a good belly laugh with. That’s Emma! We worked together for 2 months, 2x per week. Each session was profound - I was able to feel, see, hear and dialogue with parts of my inner self that had been acting out for years. These inner parts of me were creating more and more physical, emotional, relational and spiritual discomfort to get my attention. And Emma’s professional, incredibly skillfull and perfectly magical approach really helped me meet myself and accept more of myself in astonishing ways.
I also loved that each session was followed by a very thorough and inspiring email recounting the experience. I am so excited for anyone who gets to work with Emma! E. K

Over the last six months of working with her, Emma has been a consistent source of care and support in my growth. I am now at a place where I feel like my relationship with desire, sexuality and women has been utterly transformed. I feel so much more clarity, confidence and ease in this area of my life. Emma has been a crucial part of this transformation, helping me gain insight, providing accountability and being a cheerleader for my success. I am ready to continue to create many more amazing connections, relationships and fun in my life. I am so happy to have shared and been helped on this journey by Emma and am looking forward to working with her more! J

Working with Emma helped me explore areas of my subconscious so that I could reframe my thoughts and enjoy sexual experiences again. My eyes were opened to new ways that I could enjoy sex & I am very grateful for the work we did together! Thanks again! A. B

Honestly, the change since working with Emma has been transformational. Yes, I've made conscious changes that have pushed me along and are continuing to do so, but Emma helped me see the changes I needed to make and she was crucial in helping me at every step along the way, so thank you so much Emma. What's crazy is that despite all the progress, I still feel I have so much to work on, improve and achieve. However, to counter this and put things into perspective, Emma helped me appreciate and celebrate all the wins so far - it wouldn't have happened without having Emma as a cheerleader at every step, practicing gratitude and really working through how to deal with those crippling 'down' feelings and periods. On reflection, all the deep and uncomfortable (but essential) work we did on those crippling feelings was the real game changer for me. What is even more important is that I now feel equipped to deal with those downward spells whereas I simply didn't know what to do with them before. I cannot thank Emma enough for her help and her warm and engaging persona throughout our sessions. I felt accountable and supported at every step and really found the brief check-ins in between sessions to be hugely beneficial.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Emma to anyone facing challenges in their personal or even professional lives (as I also was). I'm definitely someone who latches on to practical and usable advice and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the various methods and practices Emma used with me as they produced very tangible and measurable positive changes. I will certainly continue many of the practices I learnt with Emma when I need them in the future. I also hope to work with Emma again in the future when I'm ready to unlock the next level of my potential!

If you properly commit to working the full process with Emma I have absolutely no doubt that you will see the results you want, as I did.

Thank you Emma! D