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We will use body based techniques that support the shift of deep patterns held in the subconscious mind and body. Working from a trauma informed perspective we will address transformation on all 3 parts of our brain.

  • The primal brain (the oldest part of our brain which is all about keeping us alive and safe)

  • The limbic brain (the emotional brain where our feelings and emotions are stored)

  • The cortical brain (our thinking brain – the largest part of our brain)


Change happens by supporting all of these 3 parts of our brain to communicate with each other. 

We will speak the language of all 3 parts of the brain.

  • Language of the body

  • Language of emotion 

  • Language of thought



When we experience internal conflict with different parts of ourselves and the different voices in our head we can end up unconsciously working against ourselves. We consciously want to experience deeper self-love for example, AND we most likely know how to do this. BUT our primal brain can be telling us a different story about self-love. Telling us the story that we are not worthy or good enough. It’s what we learned. It’s the voices we heard around us growing up. It’s what we feel safe with and what we know.

We can begin working WITH ourselves. 



Together we will explore what has been blocking you and what you want to invite more of into your life through:

  • The power of breath work. Through the power of breath we switch off our thinking brain and switch on our feeling brain. We enter into the realm of the body’s language and wisdom, forming a direct connection with the unconscious parts of ourselves. 

  • Tools and practices to feel sensations in your body. As we drop into and listen to what our bodies sensations are telling us we can transform our relationship with our bodies and past and current stress. We learn how to support the nervous system and build emotional resilience. 

  • Tools and practices that support you to discover and integrate different parts of yourself. Inner work includes embracing the old stories and parts of ourselves that are hidden. It also includes uncovering the parts that can empower you to move towards your goals.

  • Real and tangible ways to build a loving relationship towards yourself (not just saying it but really feeling it).

  • Practices and meditations that will bring you into connection with your sexual energy supporting you to release shame, guilt and fear and create new neural pathways for sexual pleasure. 

  • The power of ritual. Ritual speaks directly to the unconscious parts of us. 



  • They find a partner and enter into a new relationship. My clients overcome blocks to intimacy that was preventing them from being open to a loving and supportive partner. One client recently had been single for many years and he found a beautiful, kind, intelligent woman who he's been in a relationship with for almost 4 months! Another client ended her relationship, and by saying no to what wasn't serving her, and she has met a really lovely man who wants a committed relationship. 

  • Clients learn about moving from anxiously attached towards securely attached - learning a range of tools that empowers them to spot the patterns, lovingly disrupt the patterns, and continue to come back to themselves. They overcome self-abandonment through meaningful self-parenting and inner child work.

  • Clients go from sexless marriage to bringing back physical & sexual intimacy – they learn about the male and female anatomy of arousal (both men and women), they learn how to move their sexual energy (both men and women), they learn the art of interpersonal communication and how to turn towards a partner that takes into account their attachment style and love languages.

  • Clients learn to connect more to their bodies and discover what turns them on and what turns them off. Clients gain permission to cultivate a closer relationship with desire itself, and not just desire in the bedroom, but what lights them up and turns them on in life. Clients uncover the negative messages they received about their sexuality and their bodies and connect with empowering beliefs around what it means to be a human with sexual preferences, needs, desires and wants. They move towards the pleasure based model that encompasses so much more freedom for pleasure in all it's forms, the sensual kind, the nurturing kind and the loving kind of touch. 


Investment & Payment plans

Our first step is to have a Clarity Call (click the link below to book a call).  The Clarity Call is an opportunity to gain clarity on what you deeply desire, get your desires written down, give us the opportunity to understand where you are in your journey, and confirm that we are a good fit for working together. By the end of the call you will have clarity on what it is you deeply desire in love, relationship and sexuality and you will know the pathway of how we are getting there. (Please note -to secure your booking for the call there is a non refundable deposit of £100. If we are good fit for a 4 or 6 month coaching programme, this will be deducted from the coaching programme investment.)

If we decide we are a good fit for ongoing work together the investment options are (monthly payment plans and longer term payment plans are available):

£7200 for 12 sessions over 6 months

£4800 for 8 sessions over 4 months

Longer term payment plans available:

6 months programme - 10 month plan

4 months programme - 8 month plan

Have a look below at what is included in this deeply transformational coaching programme. 


  • 12/8 sessions of 90 minute one to one online video coaching sessions (via Zoom video call)

  • Powerful audio practices with specially selected music to support you to relax and re wire your subconscious mind, including personally designed practices and/or meditations in between each session that will further build on and support the work we do together in our sessions

  • Expert guidance from someone who has delved deep into her own life changing work in self-love, relationships and sexuality over the last 15 years

  • A container for deep transformation to occur in a non-judgemental and safe space. I am here to witness your journey and growth and hold the highest intentions for you and remind you of what is possible. You are not alone in this

  • An integration of coaching and knowledge of the impact of stress, shame, and childhood trauma you won’t find anywhere else

  • Quality e-mail, What's App, voice note, text, phone support and accountability in between sessions to make sure you are getting the most out of this transformational journey


This is for you if:


  • You have previously been to a coach or therapist of some sort and done some sort of healing work already

  • You are ready emotionally, financially, and have the time to invest in home practices in between sessions

  • You are ready to commit to a deep transformational process and put in the time and energy

  • You want to transform outdated beliefs from the past

  • You are ready to embrace old patterns and create new ones at the same time

  • You want to try something new, deeply transformational and dive into your body’s wisdom

“Emma coached me through some really rough spots where I just felt stuck and afraid of moving forward in a certain area of my life at the time. Not only did Emma have an amazing ability to listen in closely to me and hone in on what it was that might be blocking me, she was very adept in guiding me through it all in a way where at the other end I felt loved and cared for and also very powerful – which was exactly what I needed. 

Emma created for me a personalised practice along with a meditation that I still listen to many many months later. It’s there when I need it and it still helps me even today. 

I’m very grateful for the gift Emma has in guiding and holding people through the rough spots. She herself is a true gift to the world.”


A.B - Digital strategist