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Emma Spiegler



Get this powerful guided audio practice, that's supported men to experience full body orgasm, increase pleasure, and release performance anxiety.

Your road map to better sex starts here.

You are not alone in trying to fix an internal issue with external things. It doesn’t have to get to the point where you:


Question your sexual compatibility, leaving you feeling exhausted and insecure because you are in a state of emotional ambivalence.

Feel that you are broken as a man, because you never desire sex with your partner.

Or even worse, to consider separating or getting a divorce, because you deeply desire a great sex life, but can’t see how that’s possible with your partner.

Stop dating altogether, because the anxiety, embarrassment and fear of failure to perform, is holding you back, from putting yourself out there.

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No matter how many books, videos and podcasts you consume on sexual confidence, performance anxiety, and women’s pleasure, there is one vital piece of the puzzle that is necessary for true transformation. 

The sex toys, sexy lingerie, different sexual positions or medication will not get to the root of your sex-life challenges. To shift how you feel about sex and intimacy, it’s vital to include your body. You cannot just think yourself into a new reality. You have to feel your way into a new way of being. It’s not what you do, it’s how you are.

The fact is that the mind and body are interconnected.

Using in-depth tools and practices, we create a bridge of communication between the mind and body. We deal with your issues on all 3 levels; your mind, body and energy. So, you can feel:

Confident, relaxed and excited about sexual intimacy, so that when you plan your date nights, you know exactly how to co-create experiences full of pleasure for you BOTH.


Powerful and assured, that you know how to lead your partner, into indescribable states of pleasure, where they are inspired to want more and more, and in turn, initiate sex with you.


Secure in your relationship, knowing that you are having sexual intimacy again, after what felt like an insurmountable problem.

I contacted Emma for help dealing with a sexless marriage and attachment-threatening traumatic events with my wife and my parents. I was amazed from the very first session — suddenly what seemed like an impossible situation no longer seemed insurmountable and I had a renewed hope."


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Hot-hearted sex and deep intimacy happens when you are are able to switch off your critical mind and drop into your body. 

Hi, I’m Emma Spiegler

I'm a Certified Sex and Relationship Coach, with over 1500 hours of coaching experience.

I am dedicated to guiding men, to create epic sex lives and deeply satisfying relationships, grounded in the foundations of love and safety. 


Men tell me that improving their sex life leads to positive changes in other areas of their intimate and professional lives. This is exactly WHY I do this work.

Men come to be because they are stressed out, and this has impacted their intimacy. Or, issues in their relationship is impacting their work life. I know all too well how stress took over and impacted my life and capacity to experience pleasure in my body. 


Prior to becoming a sex coach, I was the Founding CEO of an award-winning, national charity, for young people impacted by a parent's substance misuse.  After spending over a decade, working beyond my limits, within the addiction and mental health fields, I experienced extreme burnout.


I was too exhausted, anxious and stuck in my head, to even contemplate a life where I prioritised and could fully enjoy my sex life. 


Through burnout, my whole life changed radically. I had to stop working and look inwards. I needed to listen to my body, slow down and put myself first. 


Over the following decade, I immersed myself in body-based healing. I experienced profound shifts, overcame my burnout and discovered how to live in a way that worked for and not against me. A huge part of my healing was studying with conscious intimacy teachers across the world, and getting certified as a sex coach.  


I discovered a whole new world, that I didn't even know existed. What I found was...


When I connected with my sexual energy, I felt powerful within.

Once I was taught this, I was able to make huge changes in my life.  I felt like I was carrying the world's best kept secret in my back pocket.  No matter what challenges I faced in my life, I had access to an inner core strength and resilience.

I'd had fifteen years of talk therapy, but one vital piece was missing. In order for me to overcome sexual shame, anxiety in intimate relationships and lack of desire, I needed to include my body in the healing process. Only then was I able to experience deep sexual fulfilment. 


I've distilled all that I've learned in over a decade into my Mind, Body, Energy Coaching method.

No matter where you are on your sexual journey, it’s not just the techniques that will get you to where you want to go. 


It’s the inner journey that will give you the clarity, confidence and map to getting you; the sex you desire, the relationship that is emotionally safe AND intimacy that is sexually exciting.  


My work focuses on supporting men with performance anxiety in the bedroom, to overcome erectile disappointment (erectile dysfunction), to communicate effectively, and experience incredible sex. 

Your sex life matters, and you too can experience deep sexual fulfilment. 

Shifting your sexual issues and deepening intimacy 
comes down to these 3 key things:


Rewiring your thoughts

Together we will look at the thoughts you hold about yourself, sex and intimacy.


We will get crystal clear on exactly when and why you experience negative thoughts, around your lack of desire, your sexual performance, your erections and how you show up in your sexual expression.


You will be rewiring these thoughts, so that you can feel confident, powerful and relaxed in intimacy. 

We’ll be looking at the difference between male and female arousal patterns, using powerful communication tools and high quality information on moving sexual energy and mastering your sexual energy.


Stress Release & Ease

We’ll look at exactly how stress impacts your body, especially when it comes to sex, your erections and your desire for sex. 


We will build the foundations for our work together, by supporting you to feel a sense of safety, love and belonging in your body.  


I’ll be guiding you through body-based practices that will support you to develop a strong mind/body connection and increase your potential for self regulation (the ability to feel calm and good within yourself), co-regulation (the ability to help your partner feel calm and settled) and expanded states of pleasure. 


You’ll be creating new pathways in your body and mind, that connect your heart with your sex (your genitals and surrounding area), so that you can have much deeper, meaningful and highly pleasurable sexual experiences.


Mastering your sexual energy

I will give you the tools to learn how to move your sexual energy all over your body, so that you can experience both localised orgasms in your genitals and non-localised full body orgasms. 


With this knowledge and skill, you’ll be able to masterfully choose WHEN you ejaculate and HOW LONG you want to enjoy sex for, both solo (when masturbating) and partnered. 


This is especially important if you suffer with ED (Erectile Dysfunction or better termed, Erectile 

Disappointment), because I will give you tools to enjoy sex, no matter if you are hard or not! 


I’ll be helping you identify where you hold tension in your body, during sex or masturbation, so you can release these holding patterns, which will be blocking you from feeling more pleasure. 


By identifying your holding patterns, you’ll have the skill and awareness to pause and take a moment to relax and choose to rewire, to more pleasurable ways to experience FREEDOM in sex.

Before I started my coaching, I was lacking confidence in relationships. I found it very difficult to express myself, hung up on past traumatic experiences and felt pressured to perform in a way that society had expected of me. This very much clouded my sexual experience and did not allow me to be myself. I am now very confident and realise the importance of accepting myself for who I am; with that I have much more healthy + positive outlook."


Get the CLARITY on what your blocks are in your mind, body and energy, so that you can stop experiencing ED, performance anxiety and a lack of desire for sex.


Increase your CONFIDENCE as a lover, knowing exactly how to turn your partner on (according to her sexual style!) and have the techniques that put YOU in control of when you ejaculate.


Learn how to RESPOND, rather than REACT, at high pressure times when you feel anxious that you will not be able to perform sexually. 


Find out exactly what it is that’s been dampening your desire for sex, so that you can get your sexual fire back and feel sexually ALIVE as a man.

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This isn’t coaching that focuses on practical techniques. It’s not about how to give your partner the best orgasm 
or how to stay hard and have sex for longer. 

This is far deeper than that. It’s transforming the way you relate to the core of who you are, as a sexual man, so that you are freed up, to fully enjoy sex. This goes beyond moving from dysfunction to functioning. This is about creating mind-blowing sexual experiences. Experiences that are emotionally connected and feed your mind, body and soul.


About Emma 

I'm a Certified Sex and Relationship Coach, with over 1500 hours of coaching experience. I am dedicated to guiding men, to create epic sex lives and deeply satisfying relationships, grounded in the foundations of love and safety. 


For over a decade, I have been on a deep sexual healing and empowerment journey. Including; retreats around the world, talk and body-based therapy, weekly dance movement meditation classes, and studying for over 600 hours for a professional coaching certification in VITA™ (The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach, created by Layla Martin).

The VITA™ method takes the most effective teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and coaching, and blends them with ancient wisdom from Tantra, Taosim and Sacred Sexuality. 


Prior to becoming a certified Sex & Relationship Coach, I worked in the mental health and addiction fields. In addition to this, I was the Founding CEO of a national award-winning charity, for children and adults impacted by parental substance misuse. I ran this charity for 10 years and managed a national team of peer mentors and trained counsellors. 


Please feel free to contact me by email -

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