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Course begins April 4th 2024

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Amplify your sex life

An 8 week training to last longer, increase your sexual energy
and experience mind blowing sex.


Not lasting as long as you want to?
Feeling that you let your partner down?
The disappointment that comes from ejaculating too soon?
Experiencing performance anxiety and therefore avoiding sexual intimacy?

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In 8 weeks you can transform how you show up in the bedroom.

No more; questioning your performance, wondering if she will leave you, and feeling like you are missing out on your ideal sex life. We will give you the detailed training you need to overcome early ejaculation and feel confident in your ability to deeply satisfy your partner. 

This is Amplify Your Sex Life training, designed from a combined 3,000 plus hours of experience and successful results of working with clients.
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This is FOR YOU if:

You experience early ejaculation and have been trying different ways to last longer, but it hasn't really been working for you in a consistent and reliable way. 

You struggle with Erectile Disappointment/Dysfunction and have been taking medication for some time. You feel exhausted from the continual low-level anxiety, that the next time it may not work. 


You cannot even remember the last time your partner expressed desire for you and initiated sexual intimacy. This leaves you feeling low and questioning whether you are sexually compatible or even with the right partner


You suffer with performance anxiety.  You hold back on arranging dates with potential partners/lovers, because your last sexual experience was awful and left you feeling like a failure, as a man.  You are in an anxiety loop of dreading what could go wrong next time you have sex. 


Your confidence is at an all time low. You want to be a good lover. You’ve tried reading the articles, buying the sex toys and watching Youtube videos. You feel despairing and don’t know what else you can do to please your partner.

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This training is where you transform, from the inside, out.
Shifting from:

Performance anxiety (in the build up to sex, during sex and the embarrassing aftermath), to feeling that you know exactly how to tap into your zone of calm, and that you can skillfully navigate both of you back into pleasure.

A sexless relationship (where you feel that no matter what you do for your partner, it’s just not good enough), to her expressing just how grateful she is to you for showing up and providing for her practically, emotionally AND importantly, how you please her sexually.

Sensing that your masturbation feels empty and leaves you tired, low and unmotivated, to having an extraordinary relationship with your penis and your pleasure, leading to connected and deeply satisfying sex, with your lover or partner. 

A lost desire for sex (where work pressure has left you drained and feeling that you are letting your partner down, by not giving her pleasure nor wanting sex), to getting to the root cause of what’s blocking your desire and getting your libido back.

Feeling criticized by your partner, disconnected, and looping on the same arguments, to deep connection, understanding of each other.

Payment Options

Pay Upfront

One time payment 


Monthly Installments (2x)

Monthly Payment Plan (2 payments)


Join a group of men from around the world who will support you in sticking to your goals and make sure you get what you came for with this training.  We will connect in live group calls and have a private Telegram group to inspire each other and hold each other accountable to the daily shifts that will change your sex life, and ultimately your whole life. 

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The training includes:

This 8 week training includes; in-depth group coaching sessions, talk-based therapeutic and coaching techniques, neo-tantra, high quality information and education around how stress impacts your performance, how to circulate and increase your sexual energy, and how to create a solid and secure internal voice that bigs you up rather than drags you down.


Rewiring your thoughts

The training will look at the thoughts you hold about yourself, sex and intimacy.


We will get clear on exactly when and why you experience negative thoughts around what's leading to early ejaculation, your sexual performance, your erections and how you show up in your sexual expression.


You will be rewiring these thoughts so that you can feel confident, powerful and relaxed in intimacy. 


Stress Release & Ease

We’ll look at exactly how stress impacts your body, especially when it comes to sexual performance, your erections and your desire for sex. 


We will build the foundations in this training, by supporting you to feel a sense of safety, love and belonging in your body.  This is key to signalling a sense of safety while you make changes.


We will be guiding you through body-based practices that will support you to develop a strong mind/body connection and increase your potential for self regulation (the ability to feel calm and good within yourself), co-regulation (the ability to help your partner feel calm and settled) and expanded states of pleasure. 


You’ll be creating new pathways in your body and mind, that connect your heart with your sex (your genitals and surrounding area), so that you can have much deeper, meaningful and highly pleasurable sexual experiences.


Mastering your sexual energy

The training will give you the tools to learn how to move your sexual energy all over your body, so that you can experience both localised orgasms in your genitals and non-localised full body orgasms. 


With this knowledge and skill, you’ll be able to masterfully choose WHEN you ejaculate and HOW LONG you want to enjoy sex for, both solo (when masturbating) and partnered. 


This is especially important if you suffer with Early Ejaculation, ED (Dysfunction or better termed, Erectile Disappointment), because it will give you tools to enjoy sex no matter if you are hard or not! 


We will be helping you identify where you hold tension in your body during sex or masturbation, so you can release these holding patterns, which will be blocking you from feeling more pleasure. 


By identifying your holding patterns, you’ll have the skill and awareness to pause and take a moment to relax and choose to rewire, to more pleasurable ways to experience FREEDOM in sex.

About Emma Spiegler 

I'm a Certified Sex and Relationship Coach, with over 1500 hours of coaching experience. I am dedicated to guiding men, to create epic sex lives and deeply satisfying relationships, grounded in the foundations of love and safety. 


For over a decade, I have been on a deep sexual healing and empowerment journey. Including; retreats around the world, talk and body-based therapy, weekly dance movement meditation classes, and studying for over 600 hours for a professional coaching certification in VITA™ (The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach, created by Layla Martin).

The VITA™ method takes the most effective teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and coaching, and blends them with ancient wisdom from Tantra, Taosim and Sacred Sexuality. 


Prior to becoming a certified Sex & Relationship Coach, I worked in the mental health and addiction fields. In addition to this, I was the Founding CEO of a national award-winning charity, for children and adults impacted by parental substance misuse. I ran this charity for 10 years and managed a national team of peer mentors and trained counsellors. 

About Julian Marcus

I am the founder of The School of Relational Bodywork and I have immersed myself in body-based practices for over two decades training, practicing with the public, teaching bodywork and somatic coaching.

I am here to help others find body-felt clarity in life, choice making and relating.

My purpose is to support other in living liberated and free from the burdens of internalised patterns that hinder naturalness, joy and wellness. I share practices naturally rooted in the body and informed by our inner capacity for moment to moment felt knowing. These processes allow for self-updates that are in rhythm with the naturally emerging intelligence of our being so tend to be well within our resilient capacity for change while promoting growth and transformation that is stable and long lasting.

I love to help individuals to experience their happiest, healthiest sexual selves, with more freedom from pain and shame. I can say now that I have coached many people in all kinds of bodies from around the world on how to experience greater erotic pleasure, create more experience of love for their body, improve communication around desires and therefore to experience a happier, healthier expression of their individual sexuality.

For more information on Julian's training and background visit here


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  • Are these sessions exclusively online or can we meet in person?
    The sessions are ONLINE ONLY, via Zoom. There is no in-person component.
  • Are these sessions weekly?
    The sessions are weekly with practices in between each live group call.
  • How much time do I need for in-between session practice?
    You may want to set aside up to 15-30 mins, three to five times a week. Usually the practices are between 10-30 minutes. The more you practice the more results you will get.
  • Will this help me with performance anxiety?
    Yes, I have worked with men with premature ejaculation and erectile disappointment (Also known as erectile dysfunction).
  • Does this programme help with porn dependence?
    Both Julian and Emma are not specialists in porn dependence/addiction, though this work has helped men change their relationship to porn.
  • I have suffered extensive sexual trauma, can this work help that?
    This training is designed for high-functioning individuals, wishing to shift unhelpful patterns in their sex life and improve their sexual performance. We are trauma-aware coaches. If your primary focus is to heal significant trauma, we suggest you see a trauma specialist.
  • Can this programme turn around my sexless marriage?
    We have worked with men in this situation and seen them reintroduce intimacy in a way that works for both of them, and leads to a satisfying intimate life.
  • How do I pay?
    We are accepting a one off monthly payment and monthly payment plan (2 x payments) through Stripe. If you require a different payment method please contact Emma -
  • How long are the live group calls?
    90 minutes.
  • Do you give refunds?
    Refund and termination will be considered on an individual basis.
  • How do I sign up?
    Click the payment buttons above in the Payment Options section.


Please feel free to contact me by email with any questions about the training.

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