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Did you grow up with a challenging childhood?

Would you like to learn tools to be more loving and compassionate towards your inner critic?

Would you like to build trust and an internal sense of safety so you can access deeper levels of pleasure in all forms in your life?

Would you like to learn some body based techniques to support the shift of deep patterns held in your subconscious mind and body?

 Then this Ebook is for you!

What if you could transform your outdated core beliefs around unworthiness, shame, blame, guilt and harsh inner self-criticism and instead feel…

Accepting and compassionate towards these parts of yourself?

A letting go of stress and tension and relaxation in your body that comes from building your capacity to trust yourself and others?


Balanced and calm whilst learning to become your own best self-soother?

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Praise – “I've just started reading your book, taking time for the exercises. Amazing.  I can relate to it. I was sent to boarding school when I was nearly 7 until 16, I didn't really enjoy it and missed home and my mum. I don't normally do self-help/therapy.  My dad was a soldier so was always told to 'pull your socks up' or 'get on with it’.  I was loved as a child but always had a void as I was hardly ever at home.  Thank you Emma, it's taught me that help might help me.” Anonymous


Praise – “So I listened to the audio in bed. Brilliant. For me it was easier to follow the exercise whilst listening rather than reading.” Anonymous 


Praise – “Body Wisdom is a powerful, clear, and hands on Ebook that skilfully ushers its readers into the exciting world of body informed trauma resolution. Well done Emma! You are such a rockstar”-Jacqui. M. Bishop


Finding Safety, Trust and Pleasure after a challenging childhood

My intention with this ebook

is that it inspires you towards the path of embodied healing, integration, connection to yourself and others, and to re wire your brain and body for pleasure and play. 

About the Author

Emma Spiegler is a professionally trained Love, Relationship and Sexuality Coach. 

Emma offers a structured and results based coaching method to expertly guide people to connect with their untapped body wisdom. Tapping into the body and creating a dialogue between your subconscious and conscious mind is often the missing piece to creating a life you really desire.


Emma works with the nervous system and subconscious, using a range of powerful tools and techniques, including breath work, to help you uncover & dissolve subconscious blocks to create new neural pathways leading to deep transformation in the areas of self-love, relationships and sexuality.


Emma specialises in working with adults whose childhoods were disrupted by challenging experiences. Prior to taking a deep dive into the world of integrated sexuality, self-love and relationships she founded and managed an international award winning charity for 10 years. She was a national spokesperson for children and adults impacted by parental substance misuse featuring in media such as The Telegraph, Sky News, Grazia, ITV Daybreak, The Observer and Radio 5 Live.


Finding Safety, Trust and Pleasure after a challenging childhood

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