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Automatic resiliency

Really proud to share my latest feedback from a woman in America I worked with over 5 months.

'Working with Emma was an incredibly rewarding experience. In our five months together, the combination of somatic practice, custom recordings for home practice, and the other activities that we created together helped me shift from being regularly activated to being able to reliably find peace in my body.

She was able to guide me through transformative introspection, which focused so refreshingly on where I want to go and less on where I've been.

I especially appreciated her reflections and notes she kept, which let me go deeper because I knew she'd be able to hold on to the important parts. I got so much more than some tools to help me manage.

Emma guided me through a substantial transformation.

A lot of the work has settled in my subconscious and my body so that I don't need to reach for a tool, I'm just more centered, open, joyful, and resilient automatically.'

The work I do is deeply transformative.

If you are currently at a point in your life where you feel you could do with extra support in building automatic and embodied resilience whilst focusing on 3 things that you want to shift in your relationship to yourself and others, then let's get on a Pleasure & Relationship call to see if we are good fit!

Photography by the lovely

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