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For some men, their desire for sex seems elusive.

For some men, their desire for sex seems elusive. They hardly ever feel like it and have moments of reflection, where they wonder, "Where did my sex drive go?"

What then happens, is that they take this lack of desire as a given.

That this is how it is now.

They pour their untapped sexual energy, into something else that connects them to their sense of purpose, power and passion.

But ultimately, there is still an underlying sense, that they know there could be more pleasure for them. That, by opening up to their true erotic potential, they could experience more pleasure, both in their sex life and life in general.

When men initially come to me, they are not feeling turned on, not getting reliable erections, and feeling mentally low, because they are very much aware that their partner is sexually dissastisfied.

If you think this could be your lover/partner, take a moment to give yourself a dose of compassion, that your lover/partner may just be energetic, in their erotic blueprint.

We didn’t or haven’t had the maps for the energetically-wired man.

Now we do, thanks to Miss Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprints Framework.

Our pleasure matters, when it comes to our relationships. When we have the maps to our pleasure, we can both ask for and know how to support our partner, to experience feeling good in their body.

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