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Reducing performance anxiety, by building your stress management tool box.

Start building it now!

Reducing performance anxiety isn’t just a mindset thing.

It’s about understanding that your mind and body are connected.

You need to find ways you can release the build-up of stress in your body, on a regular basis.

Most of us experience stress, to varying degrees. It’s how we manage our stress that matters.

This goes beyond overcoming performance anxiety.

This is about your quality of life. Your state of mind AND body.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or overly time consuming.

It’s about the small, 1% shifts, on a daily basis.

It all adds up.

It has a cumulative effect.

The more you can integrate stress-release into your daily life, the more you can begin reducing the anxiety, you are holding in your body.

What do you currently have in your toolbox?

- exercise - breathing exercises - getting out in nature - taking micro pauses during the day - stretching - rebounding/trampolining - meditation - having a good laugh/watching funny things - talking things through (with a friend/therapist/coach)

What’s currently working for you when it comes to stress release?

I would love to to hear your top stress management tools!

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