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Body Wisdom ~ Finding safety, trust and pleasure after a challenging childhood

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

E Book (with 3 audio guided practices) 💜💜💜 Ahhhh....I am doing it! I am sharing my e-book, after much resistance to sharing it - it's literally been sitting there for about 4 months waiting to be shared. It's includes personal stories and well...writing a book is personal. So I am feeling nervous to share it with you all. But as friends rightfully pointed out, it's bigger than me. This e-book is a 37 page book supporting you to embrace the parts of you that want to be heard...the; shame pain survival mode of thinking mis-trust It gives you very real practical ways of connecting to these parts of yourself with love and compassion. AND Importantly it gives you tools to connect to your body. To go inwards and continue or even begin a dialogue with yourself and your body wisdom. This is where deep long lasting transformation takes place...through the path of embodiment. One of my greatest learning's which has totally shifted my life and my coaching client lives, is the pleasure principle. That pleasure is an essential component of healing. Pleasure heals. Pleasure resets our nervous system. Pleasure fills us up. Taking in pleasure is a radical act of self-love. When we cultivate a mind-set that is always on the lookout for bringing in a taste of pleasure in all its forms we shift our bio chemistry out of survival mode, and powerfully break the habitual releasing of stress chemicals. We are empowered to enter into thriving mode, releasing feel good chemicals. It's as simple as stroking our own arms and giving ourselves a self-hug. The e-book has 3 audio practices which guide you through each practice if you prefer to be guided. ⬇️Link to the download e-book below ⬇️ I would absolutely love to receive your thoughts if you take the journey of reading the book and doing the practices!!! I have received wonderful feedback so far and it feels so good to connect with you and hear how it has supported you. Much love, Emma x

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