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Celebrating the courage to make a change

I celebrate all of the incredible people I work with and people that I connect with, for initial clarity calls!!

You come onto the calls wanting to shift something, that often has been an issue for a long time and you share this with me; with honesty, authenticity, and courage.

I sometimes leave calls blown away and needing some time in silence, to really process what just happened.

Two people, who have never met before, come together to talk about something that is deeply personal. To talk about something, that society dictates we should feel shame about. Each session, which can be like a mini-workshop, you dive deep, stay with the process and you are willing to go to places internally that show up to be seen, held, witnessed, loved and understood.

Thank you. I see you and I know what it takes to make that initial contact, with a coach and to admit to ourselves that we want change. And I know what it takes to stick with the process and see it through.

The way you show up to these calls is so heart-opening.

I also celebrate myself, for making the biggest change of all, back in 2016, when I decided to step outside of the box and radically change my life, by changing my career, from working in the charity mental health sector with a 9-5, commuting up to 4 hours a day, into London, to studying 600+ hours, to become a certified Love, Relationship & Sexuality Coach and having a work schedule that I get to create myself.

Yes, it was a HUGE leap, to step into the unknown and to keep showing up for myself. And I often look back and thank that version of me, who took the leap and has got me where I am today.

Thank you to all of you that I have the honour of working with - you showing up continues to inspire me, to keep showing up for myself.

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