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Choice Point

Choice point

When the Pandemic all started about 3 weeks ago (I am losing track of time) all the fear and anxiety went straight to my lower back. I think my pelvis came out of the sacroiliac joint which then causes a knock on effect for the rest of my lower back. I got scared that I might go into a back spasm. The last spasm I had was 6 years ago and at that time I got my sister to call the ambulance it was that painful! I was unable to move from the car seat for about an hour until I had taken strong pain killers.

The story I was running round in my head was dragging me down very quickly into a scary narrative.

- What if my back goes into spasm? - Then I will be in a lot of pain. - I will need help going to the toilet and no one will be around. - I won't be able to get it sorted with my usual physio man. - This whole lockdown will be awful for me whilst I am in pain.

Then the stress and anxiety around this story was further compounding my back strain.

Then I had a coaching session with my coach.

She helped me to get in touch with a sense of enthusiasm and motivation for building up strength and resilience in my body.

She said something about my body being strong...can't exactly remember...but whatever she said something clicked. Right there and then my whole body posture changed. And with that body posture change came a change in mindset.

I was able to choose not to feed the narrative of ending up alone in a lot of pain in lockdown. It really was making things worse for me.

She supported me to create a narrative that included using all the self physio I know and Pilates I know to build up strength and mobility.

Incredibly my back is now totally fine. Which at first I truly did not think would be possible without going to see my Physio.

I am sharing this in the hope that it may support you with potential narratives you have going on right now in case you want to shift them.

I am also acutely aware that it's also NOT the time for some people to shift narratives, that it is not possible, which I understand.

So this isn't a post about subtly shaming you if you haven't shifted a narrative which is causing anxiety. Far from it. I know the grip anxiety and fear has taken on me and how it's sometimes impossible to get out of the grip.

And maybe it's a bit of both...some days we are able to shift the narrative in our head and other days it's just not possible.


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