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Claiming our aliveness

We live in a culture that... - shames our expression - stifles our voices - stunts our creativity - and stamps on our critical thinking minds

I am here to claim my aliveness and one of my chosen ways to claim this aliveness has been through exploring my sexuality.

When we experience pleasure, from the subtle to the ecstatic, we forge a path back to ourselves...

It's how we come back into our feeling bodies It's how we invite in more life-giving breath Letting us shout in ecstasy Roar in our anger It let's us move our bodies in instinctive, primal and natural ways that we need to, that our bodies are designed to

This is what cultivating more pleasure in our lives is about.

Coming back again and again to asking ourselves what can I do today that helps me to feel more:

- Alive - Energised - Calm - At ease in my mind and body

I have been on a journey for the last 10 years or so, undoing the internalised sense of shame around my aliveness and one major way I have done this is through sexuality work, through connecting with my body, releasing and letting go, and allowing in deeper and deeper states of bliss, ecstasy and pleasure.

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