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Congratulations on the Sex

How many times have we collectively congratulated each other on enjoying having sex? You know...turning up to the an intimate dinner gathering and sharing what great sexual intimacy we are experiencing or that we once experienced, or that we hope to one day experience. With people we trust and feel comfortable sharing this information with. I’m all for celebrating sexual experiences, however sex looks to us individually. Only just two weeks ago myself and two women shared some painful experiences of when we were younger and were shamed as teenagers. Shamed as we began to explore our sexuality. Shame shuts us down. Shame is so insidious, we don’t even know we are carrying it. Shame creates physical layers of armour blocking us from experiencing pleasure. Celebrating opens us up. Celebrating affirms we are doing something right. Celebrating makes us enjoy it more. Celebrating encourages a positive feedback loop...making us want to experience it again. Celebrating supports us to see the beauty and innocence in pleasure and pleasure seeking. For all the times we subtly or have overtly shamed each other collectively, let’s create a culture of celebration of our innate sexuality. Celebrating sex with ourselves and with others.

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