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Connecting with our Inner Child

I first started doing Inner Child work many years ago - but the first book that really supported me to connect with my Inner Child daily in a very real way was Inner Bonding by Margaret Paul. So many things changed for me once I read that book. And so many things change for my clients when they do Inner Child work with me. One client this week told me that she ended a relationship that really wasn't aligned with what she was looking for in man. By saying no to what she only was only 60% enjoying, she has opened up the door to date men and be open to a full 100% yes relationship. Another client this week shared how energised and hopeful she feels after connecting with her inner child and realising her inner child has been running the show in her relationship. Her unidentified inner child was wreaking havoc with her emotional health, and quite frankly was exhausting her. When we really connect with our inner child amazing things can happen. 1. The first step is actually realising we have an inner child. 2. Then next step is identifying where our inner child is showing up in our lives. 3. Then finally we create a new empowering part of ourselves ****Cyber Monday Special Offer *** Sign up with me this week by Fri 6th Dec for an 8 week coaching programme to work on the themes of self love, intimacy, relationships/dating and sexuality for only half the usual investment!*** See a testimonial below to see how deeply transformative this work is!

"The work I did with Emma was truly phenomenal. She helped me in ending these disempowering family dynamics - which felt scary because I was changing a lifetime worth of relating - by integrating wounded parts of my psyche from childhood and by finding my own source of truth and power within. My relationships with my family have shifted to become much more harmonious and 'adult' like. I feel free to be who I am without worrying that I am hurting my family, while being able to love them AND be true to myself. I don’t feel disempowered in my parental relationships anymore, I feel strong and self-assured."

p.s this is me connecting with Salem my flat mate's cat. He brings out the inner child in me!

Book in your first initial 1 hr call with me here by Friday 6th Dec to get clear on what we will work on together over the 8 sessions:

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