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Covert contracts

Are there any covert contracts that you would like to revisit that are no longer serving you?

If we look back into the past, we will most likely see that we metaphorically signed agreements, with ourselves and others, and that these have become so embedded in our subconscious, that they are taken as a fact of life.

In these agreements we collapse ideas and form strong associations and neural pathways/patterns, connected to love, intimacy, sex, relationships, money, wellbeing, health... you name it!

We can, however, revisit these agreements in later life and look at how they served us, at the time and then create some new agreements.

Revisiting these contracts and self-made agreements, when they become conscious to me, is an ongoing journey.

It's also the work I do with my coaching clients.

Agreements might look like ...

'I will never allow myself to get that hurt again.'

'I will lose connection to myself and my sexual desire, because this is what society told me happens, in long term relationships. It's just what I expected.'

'I am not performing well in the bedroom, so I will disconnect from my sexual desire and confidence, because my performance is not living up to what the movies/some porn/previous partners have told me.'

We might not be aware we have these covert contracts and agreements in place. It was only recently, when I was in a coaching session (for myself), that a memory came to the surface and I remembered having a strong word with myself, as a teenager, about money and how a wealthy life is a depressed life. Ouch!

When you work with me, I take you through processes that connect you with your body.

We work with the body because this is one way to reveal these covert contracts, that are held within the body and the subconscious mind.

We don't go actively looking to reveal them. They naturally come up through the processes that I take you through.

It really is incredible to witness these "aha" moments during sessions, when a person suddenly, out of nowhere, realises something that allows them to transform how they view themselves and others and frees up space, to introduce a new self-affirming belief.

When you sign up to work with me, you are signing up to commit to a process of re-wiring your subconscious body/mind programme of automatic thoughts, collapsed ideas, beliefs and perceptions.

It's a process of embracing the old patterns with love and empowering you to create new patterns, that you repeat over and over again, through the deep-guided audio journeys that I give you.

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