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Defining sexuality

Current definitions of sexuality can stifle us.


When we think of our sexuality as something that is solely about sex and with another person, we are limiting it to an energy or an act that we express on a only certain number of occasions.

We can be compassionate with ourselves, in the knowledge that this is our conditioning for many of us. These are the mainstream messages we have received over and over again. That our sexuality and sexual energy is only reserved for certain times. There are many reasons why...because rightly and understandably so we have mixed up sexual energy and associated it with lots of negativity.

Sexual energy is our life force energy

Of course it's not the only way to create some extra energy, AND it is one super potent way to create energy.

We don't need someone else - we can tap into this energy ourselves.

We don't need to engage in a sexual act to tap into this energy.

Moving our hips, moving our bodies, lovingly stroking our arms, our faces, our bodies all over.

We can tap into our sexual energy as medicine right now.

What does tapping into our sexual energy look like:

- feeling a burst of energy when you were feeling tired and lethargy before - subtle feelings of joy inside that hasn't come from anything external - blood rushing to your sexual organs that feels energising and fills you up with feel good chemicals and feeling like you are smiling on the inside - a burst of creative juice or activating energy that inspires you to read a new book, put on that music you love to sing to, call a friend and have a great fun chat with

Here is a video clip from a podcast with The Harley Street Edit & Zoe Clews & Associates talking about defining sexuality.

Learn more about your sexual energy with me!

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