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Ecstasy is Necessary


I'm taking you with me

To a place of remembrance of our innocence To the shores of safety felt deeply in our bones A deep grounded solid trust that we have got this No matter what life throws at us I'm taking you with me

I'm holding your hand as we walk towards our original selves together The core parts of ourselves that are hiding behind all the conditioning that tells us we are not worthy of being loved, and the limiting beliefs that hold us back I'm taking you with me

Discovering what it feels like to feel it all To fill up first with a sense of safety within To hold all the feels To open to the life force energy that our sexual energy is To touch eternity and connect with our spirit through our sex I'm taking you with me

On the path of integration and wholeness Finding the wisdom within our bodies The magic of intention setting Our pleasure as our power Coming home to ourselves

Ecstasy is Necessary ....


I'm taking you with me

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