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Foreplay for the Energetic Erotic Style

What foreplay aka erotic bridges supports you to build your fire of turn-on?

What would support you to get from a level 0/1/2 of turn-on, to higher up the scale of 6/7/8?

It might not be what you/we have been conditioned to think is a turn-on and what is 'supposed' to light up your fire.

When you have the language for your erotic style, this can be HUGE for some people. The aha moment... when it finally drops that the ways they have been touching themselves in solo play or partners have been touching them, sometimes haven't had the desired effect... it's because they are wired to be more energetic in their eroticism and sexuality.

If you have been feeling there is something wrong with you, because you are not responding in the way you feel you ought to be responding, you might like to check out the Erotic Blueprint quiz created by Jaiya.

You also might like to check out the documentary film, Sexology, which follows two best friends on a journey of sexual self-discovery and includes the creator of the Erotic Blueprints, talking about the 5 different erotic styles.

The invitation here is to explore and have a curious mind, to what turns you on. And a great place to start is to learn more about the energetic style, to see if that is your style and what in general can be a turn-on for energetic styles.

Once you have explored and you are aware of what it is that turns you on then you are in a better place to be able to communicate with your partner about the type of touch that does it for you.

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