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Friends & Family

Feeling really blessed right now to have the most incredible network of friends and family. It wasn’t always like this. Growing up I struggled with friendships. Forming them and maintaining them. At the age of 21 I got dumped and looked around and saw that I had very few friends to turn too. If any. I felt incredibly isolated. I made a promise to myself from then on to learn the art of friendship, intimacy and how to stay in connection when things get stormy. Because that’s the dance of intimacy isn’t it? Through the last 10 years of personal development I’ve invested a lot of my surplus income in therapy, workshops, trainings ...books you name it. I’ve had a hunger to learn about the art of connection and communication. My investment has paid off. Big time. When times are tough I get to turn to some incredible people for in depth reflective listening, support, wisdom, insights, presence, care, and LOVE. Investing in yourself pays off. Right when you need it.

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