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Going nude boosts our mood

Check out this article in the Daily Mail that I am featured in sharing how it takes courage to be naked.

I actually went off on a complete rant with the journalist when we spoke on the phone! But of course there was only a small bit of what I said in this article.

Here is why I think going nude can be a radical act of self love and acceptance for some of us.

Firstly, with women and those who have breasts it’s an opportunity to take of the restrictive bras and underwires. In a world with so many restrictions placed on us of what is and isn’t acceptable and within the ‘norms’, isn’t it just an amazing way to say I’m not going to be restricted with my breasts and I’m giving them room to move, bounce and be free?! To me it feels like it goes deeper than this too, that is a symbol of not having restrictions placed on us FULL STOP.

Secondly, isn’t it just so utterly tiring to live in such an overly sexualised world where breasts and nipples are sexualised to the point that women have to hide our breasts and nipples?! What a great way to feel free of this over-sexualisation and to claim back the innocence and natural body, by being naked.

Thirdly, aren’t we all tired of being told how we should look and act in general?! We only have to look back not so long ago in history, to the 1950’s, when marriage manuals where telling women to make sure they look pretty, for when their husband comes home.

I have been on a healing self love and healing sexuality journey for over 10 years.

Being seen naked and seeing others naked has been a HUGE part of my healing journey. It’s been a huge part of decoupling touch and intimacy from sex.

When we over-sexualise the body, we end up over-sexualising touch.

This causes serious problems for us all because we turn become touch deprived. We need touch from each other.

Personally, being naked is when I feel most comfortable. No tight jeans I can’t breathe properly in, no tight bra, that’s restricting movement and sensation in my breasts.

I could rant more about this but that’s it for today!

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