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Holding space for joy

I spoke with a man this week about him potentially starting coaching with me.

It’s a vulnerable thing to start the inner work process.

The fears can come up of what will arise?

Will I be able to deal with what surfaces?

Will I open up a box I stored away and don’t want to open?

So my response was something along the lines of get to choose and set the pace.

AND as a coach my intention is to hold the space for your empowerment, to find ways where you can feel good, feel calm, feel pleasure, feel at ease, feel in connection with your inner protector, in connection with your inner wise self.

It’s also been an intention of mine since I studied coaching 3 years ago and learned about the 2:1 pleasure ratio. That for every difficult process we go through to make sure we nourish our nervous systems with two things that feel good, pleasurable or soothing.

I had the habit of being a serious person, taking on too much responsibility, and leaving pleasure and joy out as an afterthought.

I’m still working on it, even more so now with al that 2020 has brought us/me.

How can I/we hold space for joy?

Right now for me it looks like listening to a positive mindset practice in the morning first thing before looking at social media and listening to a powerful daily reflection practice last thing before I go to sleep. The joy comes from connecting with my intentions and visions for what I deeply desire, the joy in knowing I’m giving attention to what I desire in my life. The joy comes from knowing I choose what I focus my attention on energy on.

Would love to hear what brings you joy right now

P.s this picture is from Pussy Mansion - where sex coaching colleagues got together in Greece last year to work and play. This was a really joyful time for me

Would you like to deep dive into self love, intimacy, relationships and pleasure whilst holding space for your joy? Here's the link to book a Pleasure & Relationship Clarity call:

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