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Holding the Intention of Softness in Penis Play

How often do those of us who touch penises hold the intention in our mind that we are touching them to make them hard and joyfully witness them growing harder?

And yet how much pressure does this put on men/penis owners at certain times in their life or on an ongoing basis?

As human beings, we can feel people's intentions, behind their touch. It's non verbal communication, so even if it's subtle, a part of us is registering intentions and responding accordingly.

This is an invitation for holding the intention of playing with a man or person's penis and letting it stay soft.

Dropping the intention to make it hard or watch it grow harder.

Do you take a sigh of relief or soften as you read this?

Is there a desire for you to drop the pressure to be hard continuously and to be touched for pleasure and connection and for your penis to not have to 'do' something?

Is there a way you can communicate this to your partner? That this is something you desire to explore?

I am aware this can bring up a lot of feelings, because we are so heavily conditioned in so many ways, that if a man/person is not hard, then it means something is wrong, we are doing it wrong, or they are not attracted to us.

What if soft penis play means that things are going well?

What if it's an invitation for soft penis play and other sexual/sensual play?

Want to start holding these intentions towards your own penis so that you can confidently communicate this with your partner?

Try out my guided audio practice for men, Penis Love

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