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Hope and anchor

We need hope - when I was googling for an image one came up that said ~ Hope anchors the soul. When I used to mentor and support young people and adults impacted by parental drug and alcohol use this was key to what kept them going on a day to basis. The hope. The hope that this time something would change. The hope that the rehab would change their loved one's life. It was a fine balance to offer hope and realism to family members. The hope that the living nightmare would stop and the realism that addiction once it's got a foothold is a really difficult beast to beat. What gives me hope right now is knowing that I have the tools to continue embracing with love and transforming old childhood patterns and wounds. What gives me hope is belonging to a likeminded community that supports me, inspires me and shows me what is possible when I/we do the inner work. What gives you hope? ......... And then there is the anchoring. ......... What supports us to anchor in new, positive and hopeful feelings is to bring our awareness to our sensations in our body. To connect the positive thoughts with the sensations we feel as we think them. I was coached by a colleague last week and she was supporting me to work on my worthiness and deservingness of love. What helped me to anchor in the feeling of this high level of worthiness was to feel into how that felt in my body. My body spoke to me through symbolic imagery. The sensations in my body felt clear and light, the colour was translucence, I felt a glow and expansion in my heart. I felt the presence of a higher power and intuition, letting me know that what I wish for is absolutely possible. By connecting with our bodies. By allowing the imagery to arise. By letting our bodies speak rather than our thinking minds. We can anchor in hope. 🌻⚓️💚

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