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I am losing it

A friend text me recently 'you are losing it'. Yep. I am losing it. We are losing it. BIG TIME. Let's lose it together in a grounded, safe and connected way.

This current situation has been calling us forth.

What does losing it look like for me right now?

I am losing the conditioning that tells me:

To not stand out and take up space To not be myself for fear of not belonging To hide my range of expression, to hide who I am and all the parts that make up me That I dare not express my sexuality and the power and life force energy that exists within me. That I 'should' hide my power and strength. Because I have gone through a whole lot of shit to be where I am today. I am powerful and I want to own it, so that you too can own yours (because you have been through shit too), so that we keep rising together. ………….

Here is some ways we can do the inner work of losing it:

Grounded – we can learn and use tools that connect us to our bodies and move accumulated stress and tension out through our body. Completing the stress cycle when stress occurs as and when we can. Allowing our bodies to shake, cry, and move. Safe – we can learn and use tools that support us to track sensations in our body so that we can spot when stress is arising and choose to self soothe before we become overwhelmed and have a stress hangover for a couple of days. The safety is in signalling to our body physiologically through breath, touch and positive self-regard that we are safe in the here and now. Connected – we can find online spaces right now that are lead by practitioners/therapists/coaches that support us. That create a place where we can be witnessed, held in our journey through the CV times.

I am really curious to hear what you felt you have been losing or letting go of over this period


Do you want to feel supported, and learn one or two ways to come back to a sense of emotional safety and physical calmness in your body?

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