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I am not explaining myself

The other day, I imagined designing a t-shirt with the slogan:

‘I am not explaining myself’

When I imagine walking down the street and people ask me what my t-shirt means, I will respond back with no words, instead opting for an interpretative dance, inspired by wherever my mood takes me, in that moment.

This is a world in which I allow my primal, animal body to move and express itself, in ways that I don’t need to explain, don’t need to narrate, don’t need to justify, analyse or question, as to why it’s happening.

It just is.

It’s a space of allowing myself to just be.

Just as I am.

A place of simplicity.

Freedom to be myself or even more’s my non-self…. my primal-bodied self.

Releasing the pressure we put on ourselves to have an answer, to be clear, and to know what’s next.

This is my love note, to the primal body - expression beyond words. It’s my reminder to myself of the magic and medicine, in communicating through the body.

Tuning into our innate body-wisdom and sacred intelligence.

(Photo by Kazuo Ota, on Unsplash)

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