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I release the shame I release the negative messages about sex I release the negative messages I received about men I release the messages that are not mine to carry anymore We are living in really exciting times when it comes to sexuality and body positivity. We are collectively releasing and letting go of messages about our sexuality, sexual health and bodies that no longer serve any of us. When we collectively do this together we support each other and reflect back to each other the innocence, honour, respect, celebration and reverence for our bodies, sex and sexuality. Tonight a programme will be aired on television called 100 Vagina's. There is a movement happening. A sexual revolution. There is a collective call to come back to an authentic and loving relationship with ourselves and our sexuality. I want to celebrate all the brave women who took part in the project of having pictures taken of their vulva's. It's women like these who are breaking down the stigma and normalising conversations around sexual health, our bodies, sex and sexuality. And it's not just women who are being brave, it's men and non binary people too who I am seeing on my social media feeds! It's all of us.

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