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If your heart's not in it, your penis isn’t in it!

(For men, women, humans, penis owners)

Time and time again I’m speaking with/working with men who feel they have a problem with their penis not performing.

This has got to stop

The pressure that men are feeling around performance anxiety is impacting many areas of their life and their levels of self confidence.

I recently watched a Netflix film, which perpetuated so many myths around male sexuality and it was uncomfortable to watch.

#1 myth I see perpetuated all the time, is that men just think with their penis and have no emotions attached.

#2 myth is that men are just ready to go with a hard penis. That no build up and opening up of their bodies is needed.

So many people have internalised these myths and it’s painful to hear when men share how they have been ridiculed, shamed, and made wrong by women (mainly heterosexual men sign up to work with me). These moments when they are made wrong last a long time and significantly impact their levels of confidence. Then it becomes a vicious cycle of anxiety and then feeling less able to be sexual.

MEN NEED A BUILD UP just as much as women do.

Men are deeply feeling, sensitive, and emotionally invested when it comes to expressing their sexuality.

Men need a context of safety to feel safe to open up.

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