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Intimacy hacks 101

Thank you to those who have reached out to me privately to let me know that our masterclass series was a bit too honest, with the word 'sexless' in the title. We agree!

We want to make this masterclass series as accessible as possible.

There is such a massive sense of shame that comes up for couples, that in some way they are failing as a couple when they are not having the intimacy that other couples supposedly have.

There is also a huge sense of powerlessness that comes with having tried many, many times to try and bring back sexual intimacy and for it to have not worked entirely.

So with this in mind, we very much hope that the new title is much easier for you!

The Marriage & Relationship Intimacy Series

Addressing all things to do with intimacy and looking at: - Gaining clarity on your situation and the dynamics that are happening for you both - Building your sexual currency - stepping away from the BIG goal of having full blown sex that seems so far away and starting off with small achievable steps for you as a couple to build sexual intimacy - Overcoming the huge barriers to intimacy - one of our coaches will be sharing the IMAGO a form of relational counselling that transforms a conflict into an opportunity to grow and heal - Supporting your partner (both of you) to heal through sexual intimacy - when we come together in sex we bring all of ourselves, we don't just leave the heartache, the difficulties in life, our joyous moments behind, they come with us into the bedroom. So our coaches will be supporting you to create ways to heal in your relationship

I am pleased to introduce 3 of our 9 coaches below who are covering:

- Justina Victoria How to recognise and shift dynamics that have been working against you as a couple - including how to create more of a sense of polarising energy and dynamics that fuel desire and sexual connection - Joyce Oladipo The 5 Erotic Blueprints and supporting couples to identify which blueprint they are, and which one their partner is so that they can really build on their sexual potential as a couple - Harmony Scott The quick ways couples can build the bonding hormone oxytocin which supports both people to de-stress and be much more open to connection

This series is now available as a pre-recorded stand-alone series

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