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It's about so much more than sex

When couples start to notice the intimacy gap between them, that they are sharing less cuddles, less kisses, less hand holding, less sexual touch and play, both people will create their own story and set of questions of what this means.

Stories & questions such as:

- "Am I not attractive to them anymore?" - "Why is everything I am doing to create intimacy, just not working? I've tried everything!" - "What does this say about our relationship? Does this make us a couple that is failing in some way?" - "Do they just not love me or desire me, like they used to?" - "There is something wrong with me, because I love them, I just don't desire to have sex with them."

It is always so much more about reconnecting sexually.

It's about feeling loved, feeling valued, feeling noticed, feeling desired, feeling that you are both in this together.

Watch my Sexless Marriage & Relationships Masterclass series for advice from nine different coaches, on;

- creating connections that feels good and nourishing to you and your partner - a connection that doesn't have that usual, underlying pressure, that may have been causing tension and conflict. - supporting each other, to see each other as on the same team, with tools that are non verbal and take you out of the red zone and into the green zone of connection. - feeling desired by each other in a new way, that includes both of your patterns of arousal and erotic blueprints.

- creating a shared language of desire, so you are both on the same page and there is less of a chance for disconnection, tension and misunderstandings and stories about not being desired.

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