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Men; you get to flip the scripts of how you relate to your sex

The collective story may have you believing:

- That you are not performing well in the bedroom - that sex is about performance - That part of what makes you a high value man, is how well you can please your partner & how many mind blowing orgasms you can give your partner - That your success in life is determined by how much you produce and how much you have, to show for it, materialistically - That you have to be hard in the bedroom, otherwise you are failing to perform, as a man - That you only care about sex, that your feelings somehow don't come into the equation and that magically, somehow your heart has been cut off from your cock & balls.

Here's what I see happen to men, when they hold these beliefs to be true, in their subconscious mind:

- They feel so pressured to get it right, all the time in the bedroom, that sex becomes associated with stress - The stress cycle begins, which sets off a downward spiral that sex is not going to go well - This creates an anxiety loop and feeds into the stress loop and before they know it, as much as they really want to connect with their partner, they're making up excuses for why tonight's not the night - They feel like they're failing in this department, which can start to impact other departments, such as work and social life - Their energy levels decrease, due to anxiety and stress - They begin to lose confidence and their self esteem starts to go downhill - They see sex as a something that is negative and feel misunderstood and unseen, in just how much their emotional world is a part of their sexual world

Men, you can flip these scripts!

I am continually blown away, by how quickly the men I am working with share how the guided audio practices and sessions support them to begin a WHOLE NEW RELATIONSHIP to their penis, body, heart and mind.

When you choose to work with me over 4 or 6 months you are choosing once and for all to break free from the collective false narratives about what it means to be a man, what it means to be turned on, and how you feel towards your penis.


Men I work with:

- Increase their levels of confidence, as a man

Moving from below the line to feeling above the line 8's 9's and 10/10's in their power, centre, and self affirmation

- Increase their levels of turn on

- Feel much more connected to their turn on and have a 100% full permission slip to enjoy, connect with and love their penis & their unique expression of sexuality

- Experience much more pleasure. Learning how to move their s-e-x-u-a-l energy from their genitals to all over their body, for full body orgasmic pleasure

- Feel more connected to their partners

Once they have practiced, repeated, and re-programmed their mind and body to feel more, receive more, and hold themselves with love, this then extends outwards, into their relationship with their partner. Relationships feel more fulfilling, more connected and they deepen in intimacy.

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