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My Sex is my Power

It's my fuel for life. It's what pulls me out of the comfortable inertia It's my sparkle My joy My life force Your Sex is your power When we are mindful with our sexuality It can be an antidote to pain To numbness To the memories stored up in the body that keep us tightly wound up in tension and stress It's a radical act of self love To release, to open To let go of the societal, peer and familial shame, layer by layer Why is it a radical act of self love? Because it's a way of loving ourselves It's a way of showing our bodies we care about whether it feels good inside or not. Its a source of nourishment. Because it's a highly effective way to open up our bodies to release old imprints around lack of worthiness, shame, guilt, fear and harsh self criticism. It's a powerful way of generating energy that will move stuck energy in our bodies. It's a gentle and effective way of releasing trauma. Because sexual pleasure literally supports our brains to release dopamine which is an essential component of neuroplastic change. Dopamine assists us in building neuronal connections that reinforce a new habit or new core beliefs. I am worthy of great love I am worthy of financial success I deserve to be treated with love and kindness by others New core beliefs that serve us. New core beliefs that shift our thinking out of survival mode. New core beliefs that support us to thrive. So curious to hear how sexual pleasure and sexual energy has been a force for good in your lives if you feel comfortable sharing here.

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