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Porridge & Slow Sex

So some of you may or may not know I have a Youtube Channel where I have lots of fun creating videos which include:

Me sitting in a rubbish bin, smashing plates, sitting in a trolley throwing items onto the supermarket floor and throwing an adult tantrum.

I need to laugh this week so today I am sharing my latest playful video!!

Here are 3 easy and simple steps to make a delicious, slow cooked Porridge (Oatmeal).I show you the top tips for how to slooooow down in your cooking, a.k.a love making and sex. You'll get to learn how to:

Enjoy and savour the tastes. Breathe in the smells. Sound your delight.

Move through your bliss in your body.

I hope you have as much fun watching this as I had making this video!!!

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