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S*x is.....

Something that destroys lives Is harmful to others Is complicated Is painful Is not what the movies said it would be Is confusing What we get told about S*x by the media, peers, partners and family can stay with us for many years to come. I recently watched the whole of the new Netflix series S*x Education. I loved the series. What I appreciated about the series particularly was the storyline about a 15 year old boy who really didn't want to self pleasure. He was extremely fearful of self pleasure and s*x. Why? It's not so obvious at the beginning what's going on for him and why he really is unable to self pleasure. He fakes his own self pleasure set up with tissues and a magazine because he's terrified of his mum knowing that he has an issue. When he was around 10 years old he spotted his dad having an affair with a woman. He told his mum and understandably his mum was devastated to find out this news from her son. In her response to her son she told him that s*x can destroy lives. These stories we here about s*x can firmly imprint on our brain. They form our core beliefs of what s*x is all about. As a coach I work with people to look at what it is they really want to experience in their s*xuality with themselves and others. Such as learning to self pleasure in a whole new way or uncovering what the subconscious beliefs are that have been taken on from the past. Once we have awareness of the stories we hold within, we can then begin to make a conscious choice to form new beliefs. S*x is beautiful S*x is a celebration of life S*x is creative S*x is natural S*x is sacred S*x is pleasurable S*x feels good S*x is an art S*x is enjoyable S*x is what you want to make it (doesn't have to look like the movies - far from it!) S*x is something to be talked about S*x is fun and playful (S*x is written like this due to new Facebook and Instagram policy)

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