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Slow and Relaxed Sex

We just don't see this role-modelled, on our screens, for men.

What we see, time and time again, is Quick and Ready!

To say this is harmful is an understatement. I speak with many men, who are secretly comparing themselves to these unrealistic false norms, that we see on the screens.

When it comes to sharing intimacy - in the back of their minds they are overwhelmed, with thoughts of performance pressure and comparing themselves to what they 'should be doing', because of what they have seen on the screens.

This comparison is really undermining men's sense of worth, esteem and leads them to question what makes a healthy, sexual, sensual, erotic being.

This has to stop.

The more of us that present the realistic narrative, the better.

Because the consequences are far reaching, when it comes to intimacy, relationships and lives.

If you are done with the compare and despair mindset, feeling anxious that you are not performing in bed, and want to feel confident, self assured and to connect with your authentic expression of sexuality. I have a few spaces for 1:1 coaching, with men.

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