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Some of us could do with a bit more Penis Love in our lives

Our mainstream culture does everything to put pressure on men to perform and creates so much anxiety in men it's unbearable and impacts many men's lives both inside and outside the bedroom.

If we were to listen to the 'Hollywood' narrative of how men's sexuality, bodies and penises 'should' look then we are seriously doing harm to ourselves collectively.

This collective cultural narrative promotes the myths and stories such as:

men are only interested in one thing, sex

men's penises should get hard very quickly, stay hard and 'give' the woman/man/non binary person lots of orgasmic pleasure.

Penises need to be hard for sexual intimacy and pleasure to happen

Men are there to perform, to give pleasure, to give satisfaction and this is tied to their worth as a man

Men need to be strong and not emotionally vulnerable, big boys don't cry

What else would you add to my list above ?

This takes a huge toll on men and they feel:



Blocked in moving past messaging online to dates and creating intimacy in real life


Embarrassed and then unable to talk to anyone about this

Unable to feel the pleasure they deeply desire to feel and know is in them

Disconnected from people they want to connect with intimately/date/get closer to in long term relationships

De motivated in life because this one area is impacting other areas

Feel that they have failed in some way

Feel there is something wrong with them

Penis Love is a guided audio practice with 4 different parts that supports men to relax, connect with their penis with love and offer themselves self pleasuring touch.

Here is what I would love to see men feeling more of:

Confident in their bodies

Accepting of their natural flow of soft, semi and hard penis physical arousal

Enjoying pleasure however that pleasure looks for them and suits their sexual preferences and erotic styles

Feeling less shame, less anxiety and more innocence, play, curiosity, and feeling good whilst having sexual intimacy

Able to feel loving towards their penis and say lovely things to their penis (our bodies hear what we say to it)

To feel powerful

To feel accepting of their sexual desires and sexuality in ways that feel good for everyone involved

To feel confident in sharing and communicating about sexual intimacy so they can create mutually satisfying sexual experiences

I really wanted to create something that speaks in men's language, so I spoke with men and have created this practice with the support of some wonderful men who have given me feedback at every stage of creating this.

Thank you to all of you for helping to create Penis Love

Here is what some men have said about Penis Love:

"Amazing work. Talking to my penis, made me laugh then emotional, then grateful. It made me think personally, or reminded me of the significance of enjoying the process, the goal of the symphony of self pleasure and pleasure overall is not the end, but definitely the symphony itself with all the peak and valleys, the intentions, forgiveness, and letting go. Men that are open for this will love it."

"An enlightening experience that allowed my whole body to feel the sensation and power in my penis. Really impressive Emma !"

“A chance to connect consciously and mindfully not just with “the penis” but also ones greater sex energy”

Get your Penis Love audio practice today in the link for £7:

Or share this with someone you know would love to try this out!

Thank you to the artist who created this art: Jessica

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